Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fun In The Sun Must-Have Products

Alright we know summer time gives us a bit of wiggle room to slack off... leaving a few minutes earlier on Fridays, saying yes to that extra scoop of gelato but no matter how much fun you are having in the sun, be sure not to skimp on your daily beauty routine.

Here's a roundup of our top 5 beauty products that will keep you looking your coolest this summer.

Schwarzkopf Sun Protect Hair & Body Shampoo
Beach bums take note! UV not only damages skin but does just as much harm on your hair. That's why I swear by this shampoo because it worked wonders for me in sun drenched Brazil. After a day at the beach, this product gently cleansed and moistured my hair lessening the sun, salt and pollution damage. The extra-mild formula means no irritating the scalp and it double protects by working against free radicals and adding in a UV filter. I don't like wearing hats so I reply on this product to keep my tresses well kept when I'm outdoors! ($14.50)

Dermaglow Exfoliating Cleanser - New Essentials Line
Exfoliating is the first step to keep that flawless summer glow in check. I use this cleanser daily to buff away flaky dead skin - it's not overly grainy but still fine enough to give that freshly buffed surface some sheen. It removes makeup too and is great for all skin types since it is oil-free, paraben-free and fragrance-free. ($30)

Elizabeth Arden Ultra Lipstick (Posy #15)
I'm a lipgloss junkie and haven't worn lipstick since the Toast of New York days but after attending an Elizabeth Arden event I was tickled pink when I tried on Posy. It's a nude shade with a hint of shimmer that makes your summer tan pop! Each tube is infused with Volulip™, a plumping agent that gives you that cute little pout of radiant shine. ($29)

La Roche-Posay Ultra-Fluid Lotion
This 60 SPF facial sunscreen is made for sun worshippers! The cream comes out from a pump so there is no wastage and you can guarantee that the formula will stay bacteria-free. It's fast absorbing and leaves a smooth matte finish so put it on before you get dressed in the morning and by the time you return to the bathroom, you are ready to apply your foundation and makeup. Its paraben-free and fragrance-free so works well for sensitive skin as well. ($26)

Don't forget to check out this cool tool, My Skin Check to evaluate your personal sun risk. The interactive CDA-recognized mole checker monitors the developments of beauty marks so you can get helpful tips on how to behave responsibly in the sun.

Rowenta Professional Flat Iron
Frizz frizz go away! Here's the secret weapon to keep hair professional looking even when mother nature brings on the 30 plus temperatures. This iron has 3 settings and heats up to 450 F so whether you go straight, flip out or get your curl on, you'll be turning more than a few heads this summer. ($220)

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