Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not Just a Ski Town, Collingwood Launches a Whiskey

After years behind the bar, it's still a surprise that one of the biggest challenges is getting whisky in the hands of women.  
Well it's no better time to take a hint from Mad Men, be the Peggy Olsen and prove that the hard drinks aren't just for the big boys.  
Avoiding whisky means missing out on a lot of amazing cocktails. When I ask girls at the bar what's their beef with whisky, it's usually along the lines of it being too harsh, too strong and the burns of booziness.  
So let's break a few myths, shall we? 40% alc/vol whisky isn't any stronger than your average vodka, gin or rum. And as for the unpleasant harshness (or the memories of Jack Daniels shots in younger lives), there just might be a solution...

After a successful release in the US, Collingwood Canadian Whisky is coming to select LCBOs this Friday.  What makes Collingwood different and a little more girl-friendly, is a finishing process in which the whisky is rested and mellowed-out with toasted Maplewood.  
The result is a super smooth and mellow whisky free from the harshness and burn associated with Canadian whisky.  It also doesn't hurt that Collingwood is triple-distilled and made with pure spring water from Georgian Bay. There's a natural sweetness and noticable smoothness that makes it dangerously drinkable on the rocks, in a cocktail and even totally enjoyable neat.
Try it out with this simple yet classic cocktail. 'The Oriental' dates back to the mid-20s and it's a heavy hitter of a cocktail without feeling like getting punched, especially using smooth Canadian Whisky in the mix.

The Oriental
2 oz    Canadian Whisky
1 oz    sweet vermouth
1 oz    Grand Marnier
1/2 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
Shake all the ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled glass.

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