Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hot Pink Is The New Black

Like many a first born girl, I was bathed in pink from age 0 - 6.

Clothing, accessories, bedroom decor, toys, all pink. I imagine it was a little like living in a pepto bismol world. When the tween years set in, I rebelled. Pink was forever written out of my wardrobe and life in general and replaced with really bad plaids (sorry...early '90s life).

In my early 20's I eventually came around and now embrace pink in its many shades. This summer nothing makes me flush more than a nice vibrant pink, a staple for every hip urban girl. Here are my picks for the hottest pink purchases: The lip, Mac Cosmetics ($17.50, above).

If you haven't figured out that hot pink lips are the thing to sport this season, you've been living under a rock. All over runways and totally embraced by the streets, it's super easy to find a shade you love from your favourite cosmetics company. I've been wearing  Gulabi by MAC Cosmetics. It is officially my first bright lipstick purchase and I may place it in a shrine when the tube is empty.

The short, Joe Fresh $49
If you follow me on twitter you know I spent this past weekend debating the purchase of these slouchy silk shorts from Joe Fresh Fresh Off The Runway. They're only $49 and available in limited quantities and in select locations only. Scored mine at the Heartland location in Mississauga. Also available in Navy if you're still fighting your feminine side. 

The accessory, Lauren Elan "Misel Bracelet" $22

A little pink goes a long way with Lauren Elan's sophisticated take on our childhood fave, the friendship bracelet. Layering bracelets like the Misel are a fun way to add an unexpected dash of hot pink to an ensemble and a sweet indulgence at under $25.

The blazer, Zara $59.99 
It's a little hot to wear this one during the scorchers of late but cooler summer nights could definitely get lively with this blazer. I really wasn't comfortable with investing in a mega bright jacket at the beginning of the season when I spied a few versions at Zara during the spring but now that prices have dropped this blazer might come out to play.

Of course, wearing such a bold colour can be a bit daunting. Try toning the bright down by pairing it with navy or kelly green, make the look crisp with tons of white, or go techni-colour by introducing shades of coral, buttercup and aqua to your outfit. Above all accessorize with confidence, you'll obviously stand out in the crowd. 

-- Tamika Auwai is a fashion junkie, splurge-a-holic and founder of Shop Socials

Image credits: Joe Fresh, Zara, Lauren Elan