Friday, July 8, 2011

Staying Secure with Hotmail

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Okay, it’s officially ridiculous how many passwords a girl needs to remember these days. The ones that drive me crazy? Letter and number combinations over eight characters with a symbol in the fourth and eighth spot – I’m not kidding.

I’m seriously maxxed about remembering all the terrible passwords I come up with and of course forget. If you’re worried about forgetting your password, Hotmail lets you add an alternate email address or cell phone number to your account for fast and easy retrieval.

So what do you do when your account gets hacked? Meaning, you unknowingly start sending spam email to all your friends about cheap watches. Change your password ASAP. If you can’t get into your account because your password has been changed or if you forgot your password, try one of these options:

Set-up a question that only you would know the secret answer to. Go to ‘Windows Live Account Overview’ and then select ‘Password Reset Information’. While you’re buzzing around in here, think about making one or more of your computers a ‘Trusted PC’ (it must have Windows Live Essentials installed on to it). This option lets you recover or change your password by logging on with that computer.

To prevent your account from being hacked, try using the new single use password codes that you can request directly from Hotmail. If you’re checking email at the library, at an Internet café or other public computer, click on ‘Single Use Code’ instead of entering your regular password to login. A special code will be sent to you via text message and keeps your account secure.

Look for the red safety bar at the top of certain messages. If you see this flag, it means that the content is unsafe or has been blocked by Hotmail. The yellow safety bar means certain attachments; photos or content has been blocked. So double-check on who the sender before you click. Follow these easy tips and you can keep your email stress-free.

Check out this video on how to keep yourself protected:

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