Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beat The Heat: End of Summer Hair

As summer wears on, we’re getting super lazy. After a gruesome and unbearably long winter season, we want to hit the beach and chill out! “People don’t want to deal with their hair this summer,” says Mike Baronwski, senior stylist at Greg May Architects in Yorkville, “Most of the fringes we’ve been cutting are more versatile.” Skipping all the fuss with huge blow-outs and sharp edges, we just want to feel comfortable right now.

Luca Blandi, New York City celebrity hair stylist at Oscar Blandi Salon says the feather extension is one of the biggest trends right now. We can thank Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella for the hype. She definitely sets the standard for the California look we’re trying to achieve this season. 

Mike Baronowski says, “For the past couple of years blondes have been kind of dimensional, but now people just want to be super blonde.” That messy, surfer look is also a hot trend this year. Luca Blandi says, “Waves are super 'in', even some braids.” 

In terms of cuts, Jennifer Aniston’s long layers is still one of the most popular haircuts. It’s so low maintenance and a staple in any season, this cut never goes out of style. 

How have you been wearing your hair all summer?

-- Amanda Chen, follow her on twitter.

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