Friday, August 26, 2011

Breakfast at INTERMIX, Toronto

American retailers are heading to the great white north fast and furious, giving Toronto's hip urban girls easy access to our favourite cross-border haunts. Yippeee! 
While most of these imports are big mass market U.S. chains, every once in a while a true shopping gem emerges, and the latest to make our Canadian acquaintance is INTERMIX
Making their entry into the international market with an apropos location in Yorkville, Toronto that opens today, INTERMIX will definitely make an impact on the serious fashion lover's wardrobe by making contemporary brands like Rag & Bone, J Brand, and Theory  available alongside designer labels like Missoni or Zac Posen. This ability to mix and pull together the best of both worlds is the unique appeal of INTERMIX, a boutique intended to emulate a stylist's closet by including only the most covet-worthy pieces of the hottest collections and at varying price points. 
I had the distinct pleasure of meeting CEO, Khajak Keledjian for "breakfast" on the morning before the Toronto store opening to ask him a few questions about INTERMIX and its entrance on the Yorkville shopping scene.
HUG: Why Toronto?

KK: Since it's our first international store, we didn't seek to go to a market that was very different than our current locations. We have no language barriers and our stores in New York and Chicago and even LA were already being frequented by Toronto shoppers which showed Toronto as a natural progression.

Khajak Keledjian, CEO, INTERMIX
HUG: Your concept is to mix and match and create a stylist's closet - were there any considerations in buying for the Toronto store?

KK: We really see Toronto as a mix of NYC and Chicago. It's not quite as edgy as New York, but there is some edge. Of course, we'll also refine our mix for Toronto as we see what pieces sell. We do have some labels that are exclusive to INTERMIX in Toronto like Neil Barrett and we feel it's really important for us to be able to offer that exclusivity to our customers.

HUG: Who is the INTERMIX customer anyway?

KK: She's evolving. Many of our customers in New York have been shopping with us since the nineties when they were twenty-five. Eighteen years later many of those women are still shopping with us. We see women in their sixties come in and shop, but they don't look their age. They're coming from yoga and having drinks at the best restaurants just like some of our much younger customers. It's much more about lifestyle.

We suggest heading over to INTERMIX, located at 130 Bloor Street West, to shop for unique, on trend, investment pieces that can easily be re-styled next season for some longevity. You can pull together head to toe looks featuring your favourite labels without scouring the city and hitting multiple boutiques. Prices start around $60 and can head upwards of $1000 but the impact on your wardrobe is, of course, priceless.

Huge thanks to Lauren from Wolff PR for inviting The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide for Breakfast with Khajak along with fellow bloggers.

L to R: Sharon, The Backseat Stylers, Lauren, Wolff PR, and Kimberly, The Souls Of My Shoes

--Tamika Auwai is a fashion junkie, splurge-a-holic and founder of Shop Socials

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