Monday, August 1, 2011

Delightful Dim Sum @ Yank Sing, San Francisco

Seafood Dumpling with Shredded Crab
Whenever I visit a new city, I'm always thinking about what the dim sum is like there. I have heard that San Francisco has some of the best in North America and being from Toronto, that better mean it's pretty damn good. Yank Sing is one of the most successful spots in San Fran with two different locations serving strictly dim sum until 3pm weekdays and 4pm on weekends. Yank Sing started from a small Chinatown location in 1958 to winning a James Beard Award and inclusion in the SF Michelin Guide. I like a place that focuses on what it does best. Meaning no crazy chicken balls with sweet and sour sauce at dinner. They DO dim sum and that's that.
Spinach Dumplings
I loved all the fancy and modern dumplings they had on their menu, including their spinach dumplings and seafood dumplings (above). Steamer baskets range from about $4-9 and is pricier from your run of the mill Chinatown dim sum joint. The food itself was excellent, but it's difficult to be 'blown away' when we have such great dim sum in Toronto. But that's not to say that Yank Sing is not worth the visit and overall experience. The cart service moves like an Indy race and all the servers are on headsets to call in your order to the kitchen if something is not on their cart. 
Chive & Shrimp Triangle Dumplings
We showed up right at 11am when Yank Sing opened and there was already a line-up of people waiting to get in. By 12:30pm the place was almost packed and the really expensive and gourmet items like Peking Duck and Chicken Lettuce Wraps started to come out. I was definitely impressed by this because you rarely see it in Toronto. 
Steamed BBQ Pork Buns
Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Yank Sing also serves up their signature Shanghai Soup Dumplings that come steaming hot and full of delicious pork fat. We had to skip out on the basket of six dumplings - probably too much food for the two of us. But it was still tempting. 
The Dessert Cart + Chinese Broccoli
Dessert included an array of cheesecake, fruit cups, puddings, sesame balls and custard tarts. Our bill for two people came to around $35 with tea, tax and tip. The presentation of the food is all very lovely, it's like a buffet that comes to you. Eventually you want to say yes to everything! Make sure you call ahead for a reservation and stop by Yank Sing for dim sum next time you're in San Francisco.
The Peking Duck Cart + Dining Room
San Francisco, CA

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