Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Don't Stop Believin'

Last Tuesday, American Express Gold Rewards Card celebrated their one year anniversary! A golden lineup of media and bloggers were invited to a private dinner at the Molson Amplitheatre. Then we all got boxed in and went on a journey back to the 80's as we rocked on with America's all time favourite rock band!

Backstage with Journey and bloggers @WonderMoms_ca and @dannyboystyles. @AmandaBurgessPR was there too holding the camera!

I signed up for the AmEx GRC as soon as it was unveiled at last year's inauguration dinner with Erica Ehm. Then I started shopping! I used my card whenever and wherever I could. My points added up quickly (you earn a point for every $1 spent and double points on eligible travel, gas, grocery and drugstore purchases). Last month, I transferred my points over to Aeroplan and next thing you know, I was in Paris! Total cost of the flight... $0. Yes, they even pay for those nasty fees and taxes! All you have to do is call up American Express after the charge has been posted to your account and they will refund payment and use your points to cover the fees and taxes instead.

We watched a gorgeous sun set over Ontario Place as we dined with American Express Canada and the High Road Communications Team.

Now how cool is that? No wonder they ranked number-one in the hybrid category by Rewards Canada. Well deserved American Express and this is coming from the ultimate travel points junkie herself! I'm such a nerd when it comes to reward cards that I even have a whole spreadsheet comparing all the different cards and the value of their points program! I started out with MasterCard's WestJet Gold Card, then switched to Visa's Aerogold Card and then Visa's Avion Infinite Card. While each card has it's own benefits and allowed me to see a new part of the world, I find the American Express GRC to be the most flexible with their TripFlex Rewards program.

Don't Stoooooooop Belieeeeeeevinnnnnn'...

Also as an American Express card holder, I've gotten all sorts of perks - Front Of The Line preferred ticket access, entrance to their exclusive lounges and special discounts in dining, shopping and entertainment.

So what journey will you take with all your points? I'm thinking of Tokyo, Japan next!
Click the image below to check out the rewards and start living the gold life!

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