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Hip + Urban Girls of the Week: Julie & Christine

We're lucky to know so many smart, talented and beautiful women in Toronto. Julie D'Uva and Christine MacDonald, co-creators of the blog Seven Dollar Pants are just two of them. When they're not updating their fab blog, the ladies are working it over at Harry Rosen where Julie is the PR & Event Specialist and Christine is a Marketing Coordinator.

Seven Dollar Pants is full of everyday adventure while looking chic in affordable fashion. They always look so stylish that The Toronto Star named them among the city's best-dressed.

How did you two meet?
We met 4 years ago at Harry Rosen's head office. We bonded over the Kelly Shoes Youtube video and our love for chic affordable fashion.

What did you study in College/University?
We both went to Western, but didn’t know each other there!
Undergrad in Sociology, Post Grad in Public Relations (Julie).
Undergrad in Poly Sci, Post Grad in Fashion Management (Christine).

What are some of the perks of your job & what do you like best about it?
It’s not all glam, but the perks include planning fun events, dressing celebrities, and booking male models…that part never gets old ;)

What is your typical day like?
We never really have the same kind of day, which is what we like. We’re always on the go and can get pretty crazy at times, especially when the Fall season hits – the busiest time in retail. One thing we try to keep consistent is going for lunch at Salad House everyday. Affordable, delicious, and feels like a scene from Seinfeld every time.

What are some of the disadvantages of your job, that maybe we don't think about?
Setting up for an event involves a lot of schlepping and heavy lifting which can be difficult while working in presentable clothes. Also carrying a ton of clothes around for photo shoots can damage our shoulders. JD recently had to go to physio from lifting more than she could handle. We warn our interns not to do this!

How do you balance your day jobs with being superstar bloggers?
Balance is key for everything in life - we always strive for it. Blogging is very time consuming especially when working a full-time demanding job. We save blogging for evenings and weekends, and it helps that we work together so we can pop out on lunch and snap a few pictures of each other. We do weekend shoots as well.  In the beginning we were staying up really late to get posts done, but we’ve become better and quicker at it, which is great, because we also love sleeping.

Julie, What type of events do you organize as part of your jobs?
I plan all different types of events – from Harry’s Spring Run-Off to Harry’s Underground Lounge, dinners, cocktail soirees, Author Speaker Series, and a whole lot more.

You were just named one of Toronto's Best Dressed by The Toronto Star. How did you feel when you first heard the news?
When the Toronto Star called it was such a pleasant surprise. We were really excited and felt our hard blogging work paid off. It's an awesome feeling to know the work we do for fun has an impact on people. That’s rewarding. 

We also dashed to the stores on Bloor and bought a truck load of clothes. We didn’t even end up wearing what we bought, but it just seemed natural to do that.  

Where and who do you draw style inspiration from?
We find inspiration from magazines and other bloggers - top favourites are Elin Kling, Andy Torres, and The Cherry Blossom girl. Also well-dressed people on the street are inspiring…young and old. 

Favourite fashion magazines?
We like Fashion, In Style, LouLou, and the H&M magazine – it’s a great one.

What are some basic trends that anybody could try this summer?
The long tank style maxi dress is an easy trend that most people can pull off. It can be casual with a jean jacket and flat sandals, or dressed up with a belt and heels. 

Also a basic lace shift dress is a cute trend - we've seen so many, and at many different price points. The shift dress looks good on most people, as long as they’re wearing the right size.  

Where are your favourite places to hang out in Toronto? 
Favourite restaurants include: Khao San Road for the best Thai food ever, Julie’s Cuban for a cute atmosphere and delicious mojitos, and on the upscale side, we recently had a mouth watering dinner at Scarpetta at The Thompson hotel. It was incredible.

Favourite bars?
416 Snack Bar, Churchill, Red Light, Sous Dal. All chill places with good local vibes. 

Best places to shop for affordable clothes in the city? 
Joe Fresh of course! We also love H&M, Zara, Forever 21, and the Club Monaco sale section. We also like hitting up Toronto’s awesome vintage shops on Ossington and Queen West.  

Where would you go on your dream vacation?
Julie: I would love to go to Bora Bora and stay in those dreamy cabanas that sit above the water. Ultimate luxury.
Christine:  I could go anywhere, as long as all my friends come with me. 

What would you tell your 20 year-old self?
Great question. Dear 20 year old self: don't stress, things will come into play. The universe is unfolding as it should….and wear sunscreen!

What life advice do you have for hip + urban girls out there trying to figure out what they want to do?
Do what feels right, and listen to your inner voice. Do something that naturally excites you. We think you should apply to anything that interests you and keep an open mind. Don’t get discouraged if you are over-qualified or under-qualified, you never know what the opportunity might bring. A great quote to live by: if you build it - it will come.

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