Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tori Spelling: From 90210 to M5V

We all remember how Donna Martin (our favourite prime-time geek girl) stirred up the drama by dating geek boy, David Silver. Saving herself for marriage and then finally graduating from West Beverly High. Well that's all behind her now because Tori Spelling has left 90210 to check into Toronto's hottest postal code, M5V!

Yes, you heard it here. In her recent years, this Hollywood starlet made her reappearance in the new 90210 spinoff (which I thought was nowhere as fun and entertaining as the original). She then married fellow Canuck (actor, Dean McDermott), had two kids (Liam and Stella), wrote a #1 New York Times Bestseller "Tori Spelling Uncharted TerriTORI" and created a hit wedding planning show that debuted this spring with yet another cleverly cute title "sTORIbook Weddings" AND now... she is promoting pizza.

Confused? Well why not right, she's a talented yummy-mummy and has done almost everything else! I got to try this pizza with a very pregnant 

Tori last Wednesday at the Thompson Hotel and I must say, Ladies, you can now have your pizza and eat it too!
McCain's Ultra Thin Crust pizzas are not your husband's deep dish pizza or your kid's pepperoni pizza, but this pizza is made for the hip and urban girl.

Seriously, this is one of the very few frozen foods that I actually feel good eating because it's loaded with veggies (ie. spinach, provolone and roasted mushrooms) and the ingredients listed on the back of the box are ones that I actually recognize and can pronounce!

I especially love how quick and easy it is to just pop one of these babies into the oven after a long day at the office and within 15 minutes you have a deliciously guilt-free dinner. No more stopping by fast food joints on the way home.

For the calorie-counters, you can give that calculator a break because these pizzas have only 140-170 calories per 1/4 pizza.

McCain Ultra Thin Crust pizzas are now available at grocery stores for $5-7 each. Currently there are three delicious original flavours - spinach & provolone, roasted mushroom and garlic (my favourite!) and pollo and two more will be coming out later this summer - capicollo and roasted vegetable & goat cheese.


  1. I actually came across these pizzas at WalMart Superstore last weekend. I bought every flavour since they were only $3. Great deal so I had to stock up!

  2. Not a fan of frozen pizzas ... how is it?

  3. Wendy actually liked it. Frozen pizza to me is a last resort for me.

  4. I haven't had frozen pizza in years but I must admit this actually doesn't taste like the typical processed, freezer-burn stuff. The crust is really thin so when it comes out of the oven, it is crispy rather than tasting like cardboard or too doughy. It's only a few bucks so you should definitely try it for yourself!

  5. Definition of selling out!