Monday, August 15, 2011

Urban Eats @ Live Raw Food Restaurant

I tried to go vegan for a week and lasted FOUR sad and hungry days. 
I watched that Oprah episode where she challenges America to go vegan for a week after she shows you what a slaughterhouse looks like. I do like meat, but I also like a challenge.
So I'm thinking how hard can this be? I've been eating like crap anyway, so this will be great. 
No go amigos. 
Being vegan is hard and apparently I have very little willpower (as I always suspected). My body went into dairy and meat withdrawals for the first 24 hours and I wasn't eating enough protein off the bat that I would be starving three hours later. Filling up on fiber didn't do it either, it just leaves you bloated and cranky. Even worse, I went to an event where I forgot I was vegan and picked up a pig in a blanket and proceeded to eat it. Doh!
I hooked up with my good friend Dolly, who had just given up meat for lent. Perfect, I thought. We're in the same boat and Live Raw Food Bar in the Annex was the answer. Instead of me defrosting crappy falafels at home, I was going to let the nice people at Live work their magic for me.
The Raw Combo ($20, left) is a sampler platter that's great for first-timers. It includes their raw pizza, curry noodles, ravioli and tostadas. Dolly and I ended up sharing everything so we could maximize our raw food experience. The drinks were also very tasty and left me feeling energized and detoxified. We ordered an organic lemonade and a sparkling berry drink (around $5). We also ordered a rice wrap filled with veggies and I did appreciate the creativity that went into all the food.

We continued on with a salad, which is nothing mind-blowing about lettuce and dressing. I think the art is in the raw entrees - so I recommend sticking to that. Raw is the perfect place to go when you're feeling the scurvy coming on. Meaning you've gone a weekend with no vegetables, lots of booze and fried foods. Somehow in my mind, eating lots of green stuff erases all the bad that I've done.
The open concept kitchen (above) and modern dining room vibe (below). In the end, I don't think raw foods and being vegan is for me. It did however, open my eyes to the amount of dairy and meat products we eat on an everyday basis. I think it really is about eating meat and dairy in moderation and as someone who loves to try new foods, being vegan was too restrictive for me. However, if you're thinking of giving raw food a try, going vegan, getting your veggies or just having a vegan meal - you'll have a fun experience here.
Live Food Bar Restaurant, Toronto -
264 Dupont Street @ Spadina Avenue, (416) 515-2002
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