Friday, August 12, 2011

Win an Exclusive Ticket to The ShesConnected Conference

Calling all Digital Women and Influencers!

Do you blog into the wee hours of the night, Tweet till your thumbs are about to fall off or play a very active role in your community? Do you influence or know someone that greatly influences you? Well then you certainly don't want to miss out on this!

The ShesConnected Conference is the only conference that brings together all the top brands and digital women in a unique and interactive forum. Sounds awesome right? The only catch is you can't buy your way in or flash that cute smile at the front of the line... BUT since we love sharing experiences and connecting you to all the right people, you can
win an ultra exclusive ticket here!

The 2nd annual ShesConnected Conference takes place September 29-30 at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel. Contest ends Monday, September 5 and is open to all Canadian residents. Good Luck!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats to Sandy A for winning a seat at SCCTO! Can't wait to hang out with you + 200 other digital women and brands!