Monday, September 5, 2011

Bare It All Contest

The dog days of summer may be quickly coming to an end and as you swap out the shorts and tanks for leggings and layers, don't think for a moment ladies, that it's an excuse to completely let yourself turn into an urban Sasquatch!

After countless razors, bottles of hair removal creams, pots of wax... and almost two decades of going to battle with body hair, I have at last won!! My only complaint now is why didn't anyone tell me about this little thing called an epilator sooner?!?!

Earlier this summer, while in the Philips product suite, I caught a glimpse of what looked like an electric razor. I was later told that it was an epilator - which removes hair from the roots safety and quickly so you don't have to shave, pluck or wax FOR WEEKS! Whatever. I didn't believe it so they gave me one to test out.

How To Epilate?

I waited 4 days for my hair to grow out before using the epilator. It is recommended you epilate after taking a shower and using the ice pack that comes with it to cool the targeted areas before and after.

Even though this device was the size of my palm and pretty and purple, I was quite intimated by the set of rotating discs and loud vibrating sounds. But I quickly learned that the spinning discs are your friends - they capture your hair pulling it from the roots instead of just cutting it off on the surface level like a shaver. The Philips Satinelle Epilator comes with a guard that clips onto the head so you use that for more sensitive areas. There is also a massage roller attachment you can use that helps relax the skin. Hmmmmm this sounds like it may hurt like a @#$%^!!! There are two speed settings - I opted for the slower speed, pressed the epilator on my leg, took a deep breath and braced myself for some serious pain.

The Ouch Factor!

Buzz, buzz, buzz... 2 mins later, Lord have mercy, I had one super smooth leg and it didn't even hurt! If anything, it just felt like a prickly sensation (which can be reduced by icing the skin first and then pulling the skin taunt). I happily did the other leg and then moved onto my underarms. But OH MY OUCH, the underarm is much more sensitive then the legs so the pain factor skyrocketed. If you are going to attempt this area, try sprinkling baby powder on it first so the epilator can glide more smoothly and do really small patches at a time instead of running the device the entire length of your armpit. Lastly, I dared myself to do the bikini area and aside from some extra tugging, surprisingly it wasn't all that bad.

It's All About The Results!

A week passed, then two. At two and a half week I finally started noticing stubble. Wow if I was still relying on my razor, I would have shaved half a dozen times by now! Also as hair grows back, you will notice it's much more fine and the time between when you use your epilator will increase and the pain factor will drastically decrease. You can almost epilate as quick as you shave and there is no mess left behind. And the best part is that I no longer had to bring my shaver to the cottage this summer!

Want To Win One?

The Philips Satinelle Epilator (valued at $80) is definitely "HUG approved" and we'll love to give one away to a lucky winner who wants to Bare It All! To enter our contest, just Tweet "I want to bare it all with #hugTO and #Philips!" We'll randomly select a winner at noon on Friday, September 9. Good luck!

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  1. This contest is now closed. Congrats to our winner, Parveen D of Toronto!