Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beauty Review: The Rowenta Versa Style Iron

How many hair tools do you have under your sink? A genius in product development at Rowenta has put rubber on the outside of the everyday flat iron to create a ribbon curling effect, making it easier to achieve big Lauren Conrad-esque curls. The new Versa Style hair tool is meant to replace roller sets, curling irons and your flat iron and heats up to 400 degrees in under 30 seconds. It also features ceramic titanium tourmaline coated plates to eliminate frizz and enhance shine. We had the chance to try one out last week....

Rowenta has made a name for itself selling small home appliances and recently introduced its hair styling line to Canada in 2009. The brand is the official hair tool of LG Fashion Week and is #2 top selling hair tool in Europe.
So the trick to the Versa Style is to 'twist and pull' and you'll end up with a perfect curl. Instead of curling from the bottom up, you start at the root and work downwards. 

My stylist Greg Kreutzer from Solo Bace, a friendly boutique salon in Yorkville
Editors and beauty writers getting their blowouts
The finished result! I have big bouncy natural-looking waves - like I just walked by a wind machine, but less crazy. My hair moves easily and the ringlets are not stiff to touch. Greg finishes me off with some hairspray, pats my head and sends me on my way. The curls lasted the whole day and were still wavy the next morning. If I can master this look at home, I would ditch both my flat iron and curling iron completely. I think with a little practice, I'll be able to get these locks down.

What do you think? Would you get an all-in-one tool and ditch your flat iron and curling irons? The Versa Style retails for $229 and is available in salons nationwide  www.RowentaBeauty.ca


  1. Love the big bouncy waves on you Lisa!

  2. Ah, that sounds like a dream tool. My hair is so heavy and thick that it takes ages to curl and most of the time, it takes about the same amount of time for the curls to fall after I'm done! I would definitely need to try it out and if it works like says it does, then I can finally achieve my dream of having sexy wavy hair!

  3. Very cute!! Perhaps when my straightener breaks (it curls too, but I have curly hair) I might invest in one of these.

  4. This is not a new thing.. I bought a straightener 4 years ago that curls hair, most straighteners these days will curl hair, but there is a certain technique..

  5. I was there as well and let me tell you how surprised I was to see my hair curl. My hair is stubborn straight, and the only way I used to curl my hair was braid it, then sleep on it. Love this tool! Thanks Rowenta Beauty :P

  6. I bought one, but it doesn't straighten or curl well. My hair is still frizzy, so I borrowed a friend's iron to see if it was my hair or the iron... looks like the rowenta versa styler doesn' work for me...