Thursday, September 22, 2011

Henkaa Opening: Dresses with Convertible Style

I'm a huge fan of clothing that can be worn multiple ways so I've been a fan of Henkaa since day one. They offer high quality (read: NOT see through) convertible dresses in a number of lengths and colours. The owner, Joanna Duong (at far left), is literally a wizard in inventing new ways to wrap the Henkaa dresses, plus she's a total doll and very smart business woman.

The dresses are a favourite of bridal parties since each girl can create a flattering dress that she will definitely wear again, especially since Henkaa carries coordinating tube tops that make the dresses even more versatile if you can image that.

Henkaa started as an online store with a really great website. Video tutorials teach you how to wrap the dress and the digital colour swatches are pretty true to life. As much as I'm an online shopper, there really is nothing that can compare to touching the fabric and trying on the dress so I was very excited when I got an invite to toast the opening of Henkaa's first store in North York and see the range of rainbow colours in person. Check out the sweet celebration below.

Apologies in advance for sharing cupcakes before clothing, but how cute are these?
Henkaa's simple sparkly accessories are the perfect fit for their colourful dresses
I'm always so impressed at how a different neckline and the perfect brooch make a simple dress spectacular. 

This post is not nearly enough space to show all the ways these dresses can be worn, but check out these two takes on turquoise. 

Henkaa dresses are $128 the shorter style and $158 for the full length gown and can be wrapped an infinite number of ways. I've seen Joanna transform the flared skirt into a tulip silhouette and create asymmetrical hemlines plus wrap her way into daring necklines and conservative styles, but you need to visit Henkaa yourself to get the full effect.

Check out Henkaa at 5 Northtown Way, unit 3 in North York (directly across from 5400 Yonge Street between Finch & Sheppard) and wrap yourself in some serious style. 

-- Tamika Auwai is a fashion junkie, splurge-a-holic, and founder of Shop Socials

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  1. I first saw Henkaa dresses at the Wedding Show at The Carlu in January. I really wish that these dresses were around when I had my destination wedding back in 2006. I would have purchased these for my bridesmaids but now, I just want one for myself!