Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The hug Guide to TIFF with MSN Entertainment

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Want to know what’s in the celeb swag bag? Curious to know where George and Brad are sipping on Moet? The Scribble on MSN Entertainment will be bringing you live blog posts from inside the hottest parties, press conferences, swag lounges and events from the Toronto International Film Festival. The Scribble will also be interactive, so you can post real-time comments or send the MSN team questions to ask the stars. For those craving their daily TIFF fix and are stuck in the office, coverage will be going up instantly and updated instantly on MSN Entertainment. Now you can sneak in your updates between trips to the photocopier.

Spending your time in Yorkville looking for Ryan Gosling? Celebs looking for their caffeine fix might be caught ducking into the Starbucks on Cumberland Avenue or loading up at the salad bar inside Whole Foods Market. Star stalkers will want to stake out all the major hotels including The Four Seasons, The Hazelton, The Windsor Arms, The Park Hyatt and The Thompson Hotel. The MSN team will be on the ground bringing you behind-the-scenes coverage along with a covert operative staying at a few of these hot hotels during the festival for the inside scoop.

Did you spot a celeb? Postbox is where you can put your stamp on the festival by instantly uploading your star sightings online. Not even sure who to look for? Brad Pitt will be promoting his new film; ‘Moneyball’ while gossip girls Blake Lively and Leighton Meester are at TIFF for their films ‘Hick’ and ‘The Oranges’ respectively. Look for these A-listers hanging around town.

Best way to kick-off the festival while in your pajamas? MSN will be live streaming the opening night red carpet for the film “From the Sky Down” featuring megaband U2, along with two other major red carpets during TIFF. We’re excited for ten days of non-stop action and a front row seat to the festival.

Bookmark our friends over at MSN Entertainment and check-in daily for your one-stop guide to The Toronto International Film Festival.

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