Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spotted on The TIFF Red Carpet: Day Two

In case you haven't's TIFF MANIA in Toronto right now.
Traffic is at a standstill, red carpets are taking over the streets, white tents have popped up all over the city and celebs are EVERYWHERE.
We staked out our little square in the media pit and spotted these pretty people on the red carpet Friday night at South of Temperance for The Alliance Films Party.

Sarah Silverman (left) was wearing a blazer that she claims to have had since 1993, along with a white T-shirt and some very hot stockings to go with. She was really great about chatting with everyone and taking her time to pose on the red carpet. Which was amazing - most of us had been waiting since 9pm and it wasn't until midnight that guests starting rolling onto the red carpet.

Here's who else was there....
Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Evan Rachel Wood in a tailored suit and hat

Jay Baruchel showing his love for the Montreal Canadiens
But did Ryan Miller of The Buffalo Sabres see that sweater? I didn't know he was such a fine looking goalie with his gorgeous wife and actor Noureen DeWolf
ET Canada's Rick Campanelli
I will always love Jeffrey Wright in Angels in America
Don McKellar is here for the film I'm Yours
We'll be hitting the TIFF circuit hard over the next eight days. Keep on checking back to see who we spot during our TIFF adventures.

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