Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TIFF 2011: The Diet Coke Party with Estelle

Estelle broke out her hit song, American Boy with a Kanye West backing track to a crowd of 600+ on Monday night for Diet Coke's Stay Extraordinary Gala. The theme of old Hollywood glamour was played out at The Hoxton with classic cocktails (mixed with Diet Coke, of course), pearl necklaces, an oyster bar and shimmery models with dramatic falsies and red hot lipstick. 
DJ Vivi Diamond tore up the dance floor with her rad mixes while we all waited until midnight for Estelle to hit the stage. In the meantime, guests were entertained by a flipbook booth, a photo booth filled with fun props, got a sugar high from drinking lots of Diet Coke and stuffed themselves with comfort food like macaroni & cheese spoons, sliders, mini poutine boxes and pulled pork nachos.

After a couple soundcheck fails, Estelle hit the stage and did a pretty decent set with her live band, DJ and two backup singers. I think people were getting tired by this point and thinking about having to go to work tomorrow. Luckily, Estelle sort or re-energized the crowd and got everyone going again.
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