Monday, September 19, 2011

Top 5 Hip + Urban Girl Beauty Products

I love hearing other people's beauty secrets and product suggestions for things that I would never think of trying. So today, hug contributor Sandy Braz gives us the lowdown on her Top 5 beauty products.

I’m a bit of a beauty-brand hopper. Every few months, when a product I’m using runs out, I’ll take the opportunity make a switch and try something new – sometimes I have success and sometimes veering from my usual shampoo or face cream is a total bust. Through all my beauty debacles, I’ve noticed that I do, in fact, have a few stand-by items that I really can’t seem to live without, simply because they are (in my humble opinion) just genuinely good products that get the job done, every time.

Here are my top five picks for beauty buys:

John Master’s Organics – Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray with Lavender, $22
You know that rough yet soft feel your hair takes on after a dip in the ocean? A few spritzes of this ingenious stuff and you’ll get that breezy, sexy, messy ‘look’ with a hint of lavender to prevent any major drying-out. There’s actually salt in it!

Dermalogica – AGEsmart Antioxidant Hydramist, $49
I turned 31 in August and I have to admit, aging skin has been on my mind. I recently starting using Dermalogica products faithfully and especially love the smell, feel and tightening effect of this toner/mist. It’s pricier than most toners, but a little goes a long,way and the effects are worth it – smooth, tight skin that feels fantastic under my makeup. Yes, please.

Cover FX – Concealer, $27
I once had a tube of this last me a year and half! It’s lightweight but still covers everything from under-eye circles to red spots and discoloration. Oh, and, and, and it’s water-based and has SPF 15 (another anti-aging helper).

Mac Powder Blush in “Well Dressed”, $23.50
A little brush of this colour on my cheeks in the morning and little touch up in the evening and my face always looks fresh and perfectly “hued” – people think it’s all me, but it’s not…it’s the Mac (but who needs to know, right?).

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion with Vitamin E, $5 to 9 
What is there not to love about smelling like chocolate and vanilla all day? Seriously, that’s what this lotion smells like, but with great subtlety. It also claims to “reduce stretch marks” but I’m not sure if that’s true. I just love that it’s creamy and works wonders after a rough leg-shave. The scent lasts all day and so does the softness.

Sandy Braz is a magazine writer, blogger and yoga lover working in Toronto (and sometimes Paris). She is writing her first book. Sandy knows the best places to sip Kir Royals and talk to strangers in the city. She blogs at

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