Friday, September 2, 2011

Urban Eats @ Pink's Hot Dogs, Hollywood

The Pink's Hot Dog stand in Hollywood has been serving up their famous dogs for over 71 years at the corner of La Brea and Melrose. What started as a pushcart stand that thrived during the depression, is now a bustling shop with seating and parking. 
Orson Welles was known for coming by once a week and eating 12-15 hot dogs in just one sitting. I was able to settle for just one.

I ordered the famous Chili Cheese Dog ($3.90) and added grilled onions (35 cents extra) and omitted the mustard (far left). I find that the mustard takes over the entire hot dog and you can't taste any of the other toppings. This was a good move in the end and I was really happy with it. The all-beef hot dogs are made specially for Pink's in a natural casing which snap when you bite into it.
The hot dog itself is really juicy and probably one of the best pieces of street meat I've ever had. The world famous chili was sloppy and didn't look like much but it's rich and flavourful - no beans, just meat...perfect for a chili dog. I like how they don't overtop your dog, it may look messy but the whole thing was surprisingly tidy to eat.

We also ordered The Mulholland Drive Dog ($6.10) with nacho cheese, bacon strips, grilled onions and grilled mushrooms. It usually comes as a 10" stretch dog, but Paul wanted the juicy-looking stubby dog instead. Also pretty good, but I liked the chili cheese more. Everything comes hot and made right in front of you. Nothing sits around on one of those hot dog roller machines, inventory turns over like mad - so there's no chance. They also have a slew of different dogs named after visiting celebs.
Since Pink's is a Hollywood legend, there is always a wait wrapped around the corner and down the street. We waited around 30 minutes to order and then only about five minutes to get our hot dog. I'm happy to say it was worth the wait and lived up to all the hype. 
The hot dogs at Pink's original Hollywood location was a lot better and much different than the Las Vegas shop which we also reviewed. I highly recommend a stop for a classic chili cheese dog next time you're in LA. 
Pink's Hot Dogs, Hollywood -
709 N. La Brea Ave, Los Angeles. Cash Only
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