Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why The Urban Eatery @ Toronto Eaton Centre Rocks

After a over year under wraps, the Urban Eatery at the Toronto Eaton Centre is finally open. Located on the lower level of the city's largest shopping centre, the Urban Eatery is the new revolution of food court dining.  Incorporating innovative design, green initiatives and local Toronto restaurants; the way you eat while shopping is going to change for the better.

The renovation of the Eaton Centre basement level revealed a sprawling area with an array of seating options. Grab a seat in the eclectic orange-themed space with round tables and chairs, or from a number of communal table, banquettes, and bar counter seating. No more  wandering around with a tray to find a seat, there is space a plenty in this new court.
While the new design has brought a modern and chic look to quick service dining, most of the outlets are familiar territory with McDonalds, Bourbon St. Grill and Manchu Wok serving up the same fast food favourites you're accustomed to find.

However, the outlets worth visiting are the local Toronto eateries representing their cuisine in a quick service setting. King West's Liberty Noodle has gourmet ramen bowls ($8), Uptown's Amaya serves up Indian food and Kensington Market's Urban Herbivore has a full-on salad bar and vegetarian fare.
The benefit of having restaurants like Urban Herbivore set up shop at the Urban Eatery is that true healthy options are now available; making it easier to eat well and guilt-free at the mall. In even more feel good food news, the Urban Eatery is the first in Ontario to rid of disposable plateware and cutlery. All outlets in the Urban Eatery use durable white melamine plates and bowls; as well as, resto-quality utensils. Not only is this greener way of dining a massive step forward in sustainable earth-wise choices, it brings a sense of civilization to the experience. It's hard to feel even a little classy thinking that we used to eat from styrofoam. 

The quinoa and coconut curry bowl from Urban Herbivore.  Served on re-useable plateware from the vegan Kensington restaurant. A very filling whole bowl of healthy for less than $10.
The already popular craft burger from Big Smoke adds to its many city locations with this convenient locale in the Toronto Eaton Centre.
Already a big hit in Ottawa, Froshberg Gelato serves up cream-free frozen treats with its first Toronto location here at the Urban Eatery.
With the many options to choose from - from fast food to vegan, from Greek to Indian, from burgers to crepes - the Urban Eatery is a one stop shop for a satisfying bite. It's a great win for a food-loving city like Toronto.

The variety, atmosphere and green-consciousness of the Urban Eatery is changing the way we eat well while shopping.

---Michelle Tham

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