Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Give Your Closet a Makeover

Do you have a tiny closet? Can't figure out how to make all your clothes fit?

My first problem was buying wooden hangers from Ikea. What was I thinking? The hangers eat up precious closet space and everything ends up smushed up or wrinkled. They look great aesthetically, but suck in the function department. The rest of my hangers are pink plastic ones from my university days. Have you seen the average size of a 'walk-in closet' in a condo these days? First world problem, I know. But let's get down to solving this...

I made it a little trip to Bed Bath and Beyond this long weekend and picked up these babies (see left).

These cushy flocked Slimline Hangers by Real Simple keep your clothes from sliding off and takes up way less space. Maybe it's a little OCD-organizational-neat-freak of me - but these things are awesome and maximize your closet space. The hangers also have attachable clips so you can hang skirts or pants. The built in hook allows you to cascade your hangers and the mini accessory bar can hold a matching scarf or belt. They really thought of everything with this one.

I'm pretty sure my closet is not going to get Coveteur'd any time soon

More of the 'Before'

The slimline hangers weren't that expensive either. I picked up 50 hangers for $30, plus if you Google around - you can easily find a 20% off coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond off any one item. The four-tier skirt hanger (right) lets you eliminate multiple hangers altogether and keeps all your sexy pencil skirts in one place.

So if you're feeling like your closet is out-of-control, just change out your hangers and give it an easy makeover.

Yes. I just wrote a post proclaiming my love for hangers. Yup, it's time to get out of the house... I will post 'after' pictures soon on twitter.

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