Monday, October 3, 2011

A Hair Affair: My Visit to Greg May Hair Architects

After my cut
It's a good thing Greg May never actually became a cop, or I wouldn't have this fabulous new haircut to tell you about.

The Muskoka-native originally moved to Toronto for police college but soon found it wasn't the career for him. He started modelling and then developed an interest in hair styling. The rest, as they say, is history.

Greg has been colouring, cutting and styling the hairs of in the know Toronto women at his Yorkville salon since 2003. You’ve probably seen his expertise and namesake line of hair products featured in Flare, Fashion and ELLE Canada, as well as countless beauty blogs.

I arrived to the second-story salon on Cumberland St. with my overgrown hair in a top knot, and eager to meet the man responsible for all the great hair makeovers I've seen on Twitter . Greg came to greet me with a big hug hello as he does all his clients. He led me to his chair and we began to discuss what to do with my mop.

It had been five months since my last cut, but Greg could still point out exactly how my hair had been cut and why the technique wasn't right for my hair texture. After a wash and a P.M. Shines Treatment ($50) to add some gloss I was back in Greg's chair to surrender my head to his new vision.
First Greg had me stand up to begin the cut so he could see exactly how my hair would fall around my back and shoulders. Kind of seems like a no-brainer yet I've never seen another stylist employ this method. As he worked he told me exactly what he was doing, and although his technique lingo was for the most part lost on me I really enjoyed hearing his secrets to a great cut.

Greg began telling me about one cut he calls “The Scoop” where he cuts the hair at a steep angled inverted layer, kind of like an upside-down triangle. I said it sounded like something I’d like to try so the next thing I knew my cut was changing direction and he pulled out his carving comb tool to slice away. 
I loved the end result. Greg cut off a lot of hair, yet it still hit my shoulders and had body and movement I could run my fingers through. He generously sent me home with several of his exclusive products including:

60 Second Silk Shampoo and Conditioner for a soft and shiny canvas
Liquid Gold argan oil restorative treatment to protect from heat damage
Ocean Spray salt-infused styler for beachy volume *my favourite* 
Work It hairspray for a lasting but crunch-free hold
My cut a month later

A month later my cut is growing out nicely and I can easily style it on my own. Up next I’m looking forward to attending the Blow Dry Seminar Greg is organizing to skill ladies on achieving the perfect blowout at home. Keep an eye on his Twitter account for the date. 

Daniela DiStefano is a Toronto writer, editor and blogger. Follow her on Twitter!/ddeestefano and her blog

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