Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hate Packing? Our Essential Jet Setting Tool

The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide is leaving for another big + exciting travel adventure on Monday! We can't wait to share all the juicy details with you tomorrow. So how do we manage to get all our junk into a trunk? We swear by the Pack This! travel notepad ($8) from the cool peeps over at Knock Knock. It lists everything you could possibly want to bring on vacay with you and space to fill in anything else. Saves us from making a list every time we go away and it does all the thinking for you. Available online at Knock Knock.

How do you figure out what to pack?  Do you over pack?


  1. For the first time ever I underpacked this summer on my trip to Europe. I ran into some outfit troubles when the weather was colder than expected but it was nothing a shopping trip couldn't fix!

    Travel size beauty products are a saviour and you can always ditch the shampoos and bodywashes on your way back home to free space.

  2. I always over pack and it's because I tend to always change my mind about what I want to wear (i.e. fat days vs skinny days).

    I also use this packing list but only for city vacations. When I go on a beach vacation, I have a customized checklist in a Word document.

    Packing list are lifesavers. It is rare that I forget to pack something.