Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hip + Urban Mom: Balancing Work & Family

Trying to be a hip and urban mom can mean trying to have it all.

How do you balance a great home and work life?

Maintaining the energy to work hard all day and then to come home to take care of your family is quite the balancing act.

No matter what job you have, try not to bring your work home. Thinking about the presentation you need to do tomorrow or the work that you have to finish can affect your baby too. Babies tend to be susceptible to the moods of people around them. So bringing work stress home can make your baby anxious and grumpy too.

A great way to bring more positive energy home with you is to spend more time outside.   The fresh air can help to clear your head and refresh you. As someone who takes transit everyday, I get a few minutes of walking time to change from career woman to mom.  Whether you get to walk or whether you are in the car with the windows down, it’ll be a great feeling.

Listening to upbeat music can also help motivate you and bring up your mood just like it does during a workout. Getting a workout in just before or just after work can help too. Not only will you get the positive endorphins but it will help to increase the amount of energy you have for the day. 

While you are at work, having photos of your family can help motivate and remind you how different life is at home compared to at work. Seeing the smiling faces in the photos can make you feel happy and have something to look forward to after the end of a long day.

How do you balance being a busy working mom with family life?

--- Lisa Wlodarski is a new Mom and runs Starrified Cards 

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