Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hip + Urban Mom: How-To Have a Social Life

Here at The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide, we like to share our latest hot spots and travel tips for you to live your best life. There is one thing that can bring those late nights and spontaneous trips to a halt; having a baby. As a young mother of a one year-old son, I know that it can be difficult trying to maintain some semblance of a social life when you and the family crawl into bed at eight at night.

Keeping social is a necessity so that you can have some adult time and conversation. 
Here are a few steps that you can take to incorporate more social activities into your life:

1) Include your child in your social plans. Having a dinner with family is probably the first thing to try. That way you can still keep an eye on the little one while being able to talk to adults about things other than diapers.

2) Have social gatherings at home. This way you can be close to your baby and try to make sure your friends know it is OK to spend time with you while you have a baby in the house.  Remember, it isn’t just you that has to get used to being social with a baby, it's friends who have to get used to socializing with you too. On top of that it is good for your child to learn to get used to people other than mom and dad.  

3) Go on a date. When your baby is old enough (and you can manage to be away from that adorable face) try an easy date like a concert or movie. My husband and I are big concert goers and it was one of our first outings after having our son. It's simple enough to have someone come over and watch your baby for a few hours so that you can take in a movie or a show. It allows you to re-charge and come back to parenting in full force.

Just remember that it is good for both you and your baby to have some time apart and think about what it will be like to come home to a baby who is very excited to see you.

--- Lisa Wlodarski is a new Mom and runs Starrified Cards 

Photo Credit: Ilia Horsburgh

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