Monday, October 24, 2011

Tasty Bites at The Delicious Food Show, Toronto

The first annual Delicious Food Show rolled into Toronto this past weekend and it brought along 'Julia Child' with it (above). Miss Conception greeted hungry guests at the entrance with a, "Helloooooo!" as people snapped food photos and snapped up samples in every which direction. At the Thursday opening night party, the entrance line funnelled right into the Rickard's beer line - just to make sure you kicked it off right. 
Chef Corbin of Dinner Party Wars and Crash My Kitchen is all smiles 
Part street food festival, trade show and food lovers paradise, the event was held inside the dolled up Better Living Centre with booths scattered throughout. Mobile ice cream, cupcakes and popcorn trucks drove themselves right inside. Restaurants, catering companies, food products, kitchen tools, cafes and bakeries were all in the mix. A separate area hosted liquor, wine and beer companies, but the food was the real star here. 
Juicy jumbo shrimp

Mark McEwan was on hand to sign copies of his latest cookbook
Complimentary samples were given out by many booths, some even had additional products for sale. It was a great way to try and explore new things and learn about new restaurants. We did not leave hungry after eating a smorgasboard of snacks. We think the Delicious Food Show did a great job for their first year and we're really looking forward to it becoming an annual event, especially right before the Holiday season.
Chocolate fountains by Morocco Chocolat
Mini desserts from St. Phillips Bakery in Woodbridge
Event and entertaining guru, Colin Cowie shared his tips at the show
Mimosa with bacon marmalade - very tasty. The sorbet was made live with liquid nitrogen
Delicious cupcakes and cake pops from Gladycakes 
A mobile cupcake store!

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  1. I love Miss Conception! I love her even more as Julia Child :)

  2. It was great to finally meet you! Cheers for the photo! xx Gladycakes

  3. food there was amazing! I do believe i was told that there were people from 'chef gents' there. Cudos goes out to them. Fantastic job!