Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ready to Detox? Eliminating Liquid Calories

With the New Year's Eve hangover kicking in and as the cries of, "I'm never drinking again" echo from every sofa across the country, we bring you our liquid detox guide on eliminating these extra calories from your diet. The pro nutritionist team from The GetReal Gurls shares their Top Five Sips to get you back in check:

Bad beverage choices could bust your healthy eating plan in a snap. Don't fall sucker to this common diet blunder by sticking to healthy liquid choices like the ones listed below.

1) Water - Yes I know, water is so boring right?! I'm sorry to break it to you but water is still and forever will be (yes I can say this without doubt) the best beverage choice. It's thirst quenching, hydrating and calorie cost-free. Choose water at least six times a day and please skip the plastic. Try these water variations for fun and flare:
- water + lime slices or a splash of lime juice
- water + cucumber slices
- water + fruit slices
- drinking water from a wine glass (makes it fun dontcha think?)
- hot water with lemon
-or my favorite....sparkling water (aka Perrier, etc). Just choose a low sodium option.
2) Milk or Milk alternatives like soy, rice or almond milk - As a general rule I usually make sure to avoid beverages with calories. But this is an exception since the protein helps fill you up and avoids you getting sucked into the empty-calorie beverage train. Choose skim or 1%.
3) Tea - How could you ever get tired of tea with the endless variations - there are literally hundreds! Green tea, peppermint, pomegranate, chai, blueberry, orange pekoe, the list goes on. Tea is calorie free with the added bonus of providing natural polyphenols and antioxidants. Enjoy hot or cold. What other beverage offers all this AND a cup of tea?

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4) Coffee - In the health world coffee has been in and then out and then in again. My take is that you can't go wrong in reasonable doses. After all it is a calorie-free option, plus it contains helpful antioxidants and minerals like magnesium. Where coffee drinkers mess it up is when they "double-double" it (aka add high fat cream and sugar). If you're gonna drink coffee, stick to milk or black only please. Better yet, combine number 2 and 4 to make a non-fat latte. Mmmmmm. And if your sensitive to caffeine, ask for decaf....duh.

5) Wine - Yes, I went there. Let's face it wine can be good for your heart and your soul. The trick with alcohol though is that drinking more than the recommended amounts can increase your risk of cancer, liver disease, and more, which is why we usually don't go there. So please enjoy your glass of wine, but stop there! The safe alcohol recommendations are: one standard drink per day for women and two standard drinks per day for men.
So there you have it...Sip responsibly people!

--- A & M, GetRealGurlsNutrition. Backed by science and experience, the GetRealGurls share their honest thoughts about food and nutrition. For more great articles visit them at www.getrealgurlsnutrition.com

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  1. If you are looking for another refreshing and healthy beverage option, try Coconut Water. You can find it in the can at most grocery stores and look for ones without added sugar. If you ever get the chance to drink it right out of a fresh coconut (I tried on the beaches in Rio), its amazing!