Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Ultimate Investment: Cool Weather Coats

With November upon us, there's no escaping the plunging temperatures, ladies.

Sure, it's mild here and there, but spend some time shuffling to the office in the early morning, or rushing from the cab to your favourite resto late in the evening and you'll realize we're not in July anymore.

The colder end of fall and four, sometimes, five months of winter are on their way.  This means it's time to prepare your closet for two things -- warmth and style.

I'm not talking items that look gorgeous and will do little work to keep you from frostbite unless you go five layers deep. I'm referring to actual cold weather gear that's designed for Canadian winters but still looks scorchingly hot. Function and fashion are not mutually exclusive, if you're willing to make an investment. 

As far as the winter coat goes, my stock of choice is luxury outwear by Sentaler, designed locally by Bojana Sentaler in her Richmond Street West area studio. Bojana founded Sentaler in 2009 and since then has carved a niche for herself in the luxury outwear market offering a collection of coats, capes and accessories that feature feminine designs with unique silhouettes and most importantly, the ultimate in luxe fabrication.  
Sentaler coats can dance into the two week's pay category, but are worth every penny. Coats and capes are crafted from organic Peruvian baby alpaca hair. If you're not familiar with alpaca in textiles, don't be worried that this, in any way, contributes to cruelty. The shearing process is extremely humane and the designer wouldn't have it any other way.  It was the beauty of these animals that she found in travels to Peru that inspired the birth of the brand. 

What's amazing about Sentaler is that even full length coats are surprisingly light and unbelievably warm. Raise your hand if you hate your coat to feel like you're pulling a sled through the slow. Yes, me too. What's more, the coats are even warmer than wool or cashmere, typical winter coat fare.

Both in the classic silhouettes with just the right twist, and the superior quality materials, Sentaler coats really are meant to last. Note that Alpaca fibers don't easily stain, mat, pill, lose shape or colour either. Bet that these lovelies will be coveted in vintage shops circa 2041.

In fashion, and in life, you definitely get what you pay for. If you want to stay warm and look stylish for many winters to come, put your money on Sentaler.

To shop the Sentaler collection and enjoy an amazing preferred rate, check out the Sentaler Studio Trunk Show November 11th to 13th at 555 Richmond Street West. For more info about the event visit Sentaler on facebook or call 416-238-7480.

-- Tamika Auwai is a fashion junkie, splurge-a-holic, and founder of Shop Socials

Photo credit: Sentaler 



    Friday, Nov. 11th 12 - 9PM
    Saturday, Nov. 12th 12 - 6PM
    Sunday, Nov. 13th 12 - 5PM

    555 Richmond St. W. Suite 110
    (between Bathurst and Spadina)

    There will be an exclusive offer at this event!!!

  2. I bought a Sentaler coat for my girlfriend last month and she cant wait for the cold weather to come just so you she can wear it everyday. Not even kidding. Great line, well priced, and incredible quality.

  3. This season's collection has some fabulous colours, the difficulty is deciding on one! It's good that she carries the top styles in more than one colour... one can walk away with two very unique pieces - one for this weather, and another for the winter. ;)

  4. What a great weekend! Thanks to everyone who came to the Sentaler Trunk Show! If you where unable to make it you are welcome to visit Sentaler Studio any time.

    Our new store hours are:
    Wednesdays 12 - 6PM
    Thursdays 12 - 6PM
    Fridays 12 - 6PM
    For all others days and times please contact us for an appointment or 416 238 7480