Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Shopping Online With The Amex Hot 100

A sponsored hip + urban girl post.

Yahoooooo!!! My holiday shopping is almost done. Gifts are being shipped to me every other day, my list is getting smaller and smaller and I haven’t even stepped foot into a mall yet.

The Roots hoodie I ordered for my sister is in-transit and the gourmet GreenPan I ordered for hip + urban husband showed up in three easy breezy days. I have to pick out a few more things from Toys R Us for my little cousins, maybe a few things from Amazon and that’s it! I’m done. Everything is arriving quickly and on time.

Shopping early also means that everything is still in stock. I was able to use the Amex Hot 100 Wishlist to drum up a few ideas, ordered my items and simply waited for everything to ship.

Why Shop Online? I’m a total night owl. Getting up in the wee hours of the morning is like dental surgery for me. I prefer staying up late when I am the most productive. One of the biggest reasons I like shopping online is because I can shop when it’s convenient for me. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend cozying up on the couch and getting all your Christmas shopping done in just a couple of clicks.

Stop Running Around! Make sure to take advantage of all the online sales and free or flat rate shipping fees and avoid making that dreaded trek through the mall. Instead of running from store-to-store looking for that perfect gift, you can just hop on over to the next website. It’s so ridiculously easy that I’m not sure why I ever made it so hard on myself before.

The nicest thing about being done your Christmas shopping is that you can spend more time thinking about how to enjoy the holiday season. My December is wide open for Christmas parties, drinks with friends, going to the movies and dinner with my family. Wendy and I will even be performing in The Nutcracker with The National Ballet of Canada this month! I don’t have to worry about scheduling time in to go to the mall – unless I want to.
Make A Wish! And make it in the form of a list with the Amex Hot 100 Wishlist . It’s easy to share gift ideas with friends and family and to save everyone time with their holiday shopping. Don’t end up with a bunch of stuff you have to creatively re-gift.

What Do We Want? See what made our Blogger’s Choice off the Amex Hot 100 Wishlist.

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