Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Enter To WIN A $1300 HP Envy Laptop!

You still have until THIS Friday December 16th to enter to win this *sexy* HP Envy 14 Laptop ($1300 value). This BEATS edition ENVY lets you hear the difference with superb playback that minimizes background noise and separates the crisp highs, distinct lows, and subtle in-betweens. Turn up the volume without muddying the sound, thanks to Beats Audio software that maintains fidelity as the energy goes up.
Features Include:
*Windows 7
*Intel Core 2nd Generation i5 Processor, 2.4 GHZ
*6 GB 133 MHz SDRAM
*830 GB Hard Drive
*Full-size Backlit Keyboard with Black Aluminum Finish
*Up to 5.5 Hours of Battery Life
Remember! We are judging the winner based on the funniest, creative or most original comment. Have a little fun, we love reading them....good luck!

Full contest details and MORE on how to enter/comment HERE


  1. Barb Stuart-EdwardsDecember 16, 2011 at 2:24 PM

    I would love to just for once be the envy of all my children and grandchildren. They are always telling Gramma how outdated my stuff is and how I need to get "with it". LOL

  2. While we love giving away fabulous prizes, picking only one winner is always the toughest part. So many of you deserve this laptop - your entries wowed us, made us laugh and pretty much, not envy your computer situation but after days of pondering, we've picked our winner!

    Congratulations Jasmine @iAmJazzy for your hilarious, creative and totally original entry! I'm sure you have a bunch of people envying you now!

    Thank you everyone for entering our contest. We have more wonderful giveaways planned for the new year. :)


    Jasmine said...

    An @iAmJazzy a.k.a. DJ Jazzy Fresh PRODUCTION:

    Now, this is the story all about how
    H.U.G. stirred up the whole town
    And I don’t know how to spin it
    But I’ll take you there
    I'll tell you how I became the owner a laptop hotter than Macbook Air

    In downtown Toronto on the coldest of days
    Reading hot blogs, eatin’ hot dogs I spent most of my days
    Pointin’ N Clickin’ N surfin’ all mellow
    ‘Til everything froze and smoke started to billow

    I thought a couple of days
    Then it’d be all good
    But it seems my old faithful was dead under the hood
    So I yelled and I cried and I pulled out my hair
    I said 'Life without Wendy and Lisa? No way! That’s not fair!”

    I pulled up to the library and on an ancient PC
    Looked up my fave girl’s guide and this contest struck me!
    If anything I thought that my odds were rare
    But I thought “Woman forget it—I’ll rap—take the dare”

    Now ladies you know the story can’t end here,
    Cuz if I win I’ll record this track for all H.U.G.s to hear!
    I’ll use my new Envy so you’ll know it’s OG
    You can post it on your blog, and laugh heartily

    As reward for your LOLs make my friends envy me
    By hooking me up with a ‘Beats’ from HP!