Thursday, January 26, 2012

Activity-A-Week: Go Zumba!

I'm usually in a bad mood when I know I have to exercise. I walked into City Dance Corps last week expecting to take a hip hop class. As fate would have it, hip hop was sold out and my only other choice at that time was Zumba.


All I know is that I committed to trying a different activity-a-week for one whole year and I'm sure I would have to face Zumba eventually.

So Zumba it was.

So what happened? I couldn't stop smiling through the one hour class and it's because of the energy radiating from Zumba instructor, Jessica Bowman (right). She makes the class with her sense of humour and passion that pushes us outside of our comfort zone.

Yelling at us over the music, "Is you hair in a ponytail? Take it out ladies!' says Jessica as she proceeds to whip her hair back and forth getting us to let loose with a mix of latin, Bollywood, salsa, soca dance moves. Expect a lot of booty shakes that you'll laugh through.

Think you look an idiot? It doesn't matter in this class. It's about having fun, feeling silly while getting a workout. Sure, I'm not the type of person to shout positive affirmations and high-five the other girls in my class - but I did. I had a long crappy day and it was nice to not take everything so seriously for once. Ever since the new year, I have been stressed about eating perfectly and working out consistently - exercising was no longer fun. It had become another errand that I felt guilty about. Zumba was sort of the thing I needed.
I left feeling 100 times better after than I felt going in. I'm actually a really outgoing and funny person (ha, ok in my opinion), Zumba really fits me. I become too serious sometimes when it comes to working out or just work in general, that I lose my sense of humour about the whole thing. I'm too concentrated in being perfect (overrated!) when I'm trying to workout on my own.

If you're not an extrovert, it's good practice anyway to get yourself out of your shell in a non-judgemental environment. Zumba is like dance meets aerobics. Our final blowout routine of the night was singing along to Proud Mary at the top of our lungs while doing the Tina Turner dance and we killed it.

Give Zumba a go, it's not possible to come out without a smile.

Zumba at City Dance Corps with Jessica Bowman runs on Wednesdays @ 6pm and Thursdays @ 5pm. Drop-in anytime - one hour is $15.25


  1. I LOVE Zumba!! Exercise should not be that fun... but it is!

  2. It's a ridiculously easy workout and I broke a hard sweat while getting my heart rate going. Way better than the treadmill!