Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Harry Rosen Spring 2012 Preview

Ok hip + urban guys, we heard you were crying out for some love on our website and some hip tips as well. So we stopped by the Harry Rosen Spring 2012 Preview to get schooled in style for yourself or your man. 
Adam Martin, a buyer at Harry Rosen says it's all about a soft muted palette like blue and seafoam that are a little bit washed. Mix and match them with vibrant oranges, cranberry or wine colours and let them work together for a fresh spring look. Adam shared with us his Top 5 Trends for Spring 2012 for Hip + Urban Guys:
Whimsical tie with mini pink scooters
Guys, when you're shopping for your new spring wardrobe, keep a couple of these ideas in mind:

1) Coloured Denim or Washed Cotton Trousers 
2) Printed Sport Shirts
3) Footwear - Coloured desert boots or a driving shoe
4) Sport Jackets
5) Techinical Outerwear - think sleek raincoat 

Boat shoes worn with no socks or a low-cut no-show sock is back for another season (above). If your hip + urban guy is all flip-flops all the time, this is an easy slip-on alternative that makes everything just a little dressier. 
If you're buying your first suit for your first job, Adam recommends going with one that is dark blue or charcoal in colour. It's easy to match both with black or brown shoes and belts, whereas with a black suit, you're stuck with only black shoes.
A fresh look for Spring (left) and desert boots (right)
If your man is still running around the city with a backpack on, consider upgrading his university style for something more mature, but not too serious - like a canvas laptop bag. If you're still really lost, don't be afraid to ask one of the sales reps to help style you. Sometimes, you just need a pro. The Spring 2012 Collection is in Harry Rosen stores now.

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