Friday, January 6, 2012

Hip + Urban Mom: Asking For Help

When my husband and I had our son we were the first on both sides of our families to have a baby. This means that our son is never short of aunts, uncles and grandparents who are very willing to babysit. We have been extremely lucky in this respect.

We learned quickly that it is completely OK to ask for help from family members especially when you need someone to babysit. You don't need to 'do it all' or even pretend that having a new baby is no big deal and that you are managing perfectly.

It is important that you get some time away to be social or just to even get your errands done.  Your family members will be able to develop close relationships with your baby and you get some time to yourself.  

Family members who are not very used to babies have the chance to learn how to be comfortable with your child. Your baby gets to develop relationships with your family and will learn not to be completely dependent on mom and dad. 

You can also feel free to ask friends for help.  It is something that they can do for you that you can reciprocate. This can also aid in the relationship that you have with your friends because both of you will appreciate the help that you have given each other.

It is not a bad thing to ask for help. You do not have to feel like you are being a bad parent for asking people to watch your baby while you go out and have some adult time.  It is OK to want a break from stretching yourself thin with work, family and friends.  Having so many baby sitters can only make you and your child feel very loved and I'm grateful for that.

Who do you ask to babysit? Is there a person you rely on?

--- Lisa Wlodarski is a new Mom and runs Starrified Cards

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  1. You are lucky! We moved across the country and really never had a babysitter in the respect. My daughter is a pre-teen and we still bring her with us everywhere. Not sure we would know what to do without having her around. I am not complaining because we are extremely close. But I did notice all the benefits you listed when you have a babysitter.