Friday, January 20, 2012

No Boundaries, No Budget, No Baby?

← When I saw that baby in the super cute turtle knits my heart melted.

Then I remembered watching a show on Kilimenjaro - the highest mountain in Africa and the tallest freestanding mountain on earth. It is crowned by an eternal snow-cap and any climber knows it's a demanding and challenging feat but well worth it when you reach the top. That's kind of what I think parenting will be like.

With our careers and travel schedules, Geoff and I have been hitting that snooze button on the biological clock for some time now but really, is there ever a "right time" to trade sleeping-in for diaper calls? I can't help but feel like my life ends when I give life but many have corrected me in saying it really is a new beginning to all things wonderful...

With that said, I've created the Before Baby Project and decided I'm going to work on being less of a workaholic and really embrace this last year sans mini-Wendy/Geoff, just me with my husband.


Since I'm the type of person that wants to do it all and not miss a beat... I'd love to get some advice from hip + urban moms and dads on what do you wish you had done before starting a family? Even if you aren't in baby-mode yet, it'll be great if you can share your list of things to do before 30 or 35.

No boundaries, no budget and no baby... what would you do? And maybe I'll do it too!


  1. I made a list to travel to all 7 wonders on the world by the time I was 30. I am 29, and I have traveled to 6/7. I don't think I will make it to the last one before 30, but I still think it's an accomplishment!

  2. Well, you're already doing well on getting your travel on and being your own boss, two of my top "To Do's" if I knew then what I know now but...

    Another thing I would have loved to do before baby made three is complete a degree or certificate in something "useless" to my chosen career, but totally interesting to learn just for learning's sake. For example, I have no intentions of becoming a tea sommelier but why the heck can't I become certified as such or as a yoga instructor or as an aromatherapist etc.

    Think about what you'd love to learn about and enrol yourself in the nearest facility of higher learning! Sure you can fit in a class here or there once baby comes, but you'll be much more inclined to putting $$ in his or her RESP instead of taking the time to expand your mind.

    Good luck!

  3. As the mommy blogger here at HUG, I will agree that having a baby isn't the end of anything. There isn't anything you cant do as a mom.

    My advice is to take the time to see your family and friends, and remind them how much they mean to you so that they wont forget it while your attention is on little baby Gendy (yes, that's your names put together). That way they wont hesitate at all to come and visit you all the time.

    I would also say that this is the time to take some extra "you" time and "us" time. Get a manicure and massage, and go on some great date nights while it's easy.

  4. If you have any study plan in your back of your mind, you should do it now..Things like MBA or JD post grad.I wish i have the energy to get my master degree done before my baby.

    i disagree that being a parent, you can't travel. Indeed,traveling with the baby is very easy. The baby under 2 is always free on air ticket and hotel. U may only sacrifice your luggage space.

    oh..go to movie date and one on one romantic date as much as possible. At times, i just miss those quiet nights.