Thursday, January 26, 2012

Peep These! Extensions from Flirt Custom Lash

Owner, Sommer, (at centre) with Flirt Custom Lash lovers
I am absolutely a lash lover. Yes, my natural lashes are definitely satisfactory, but I still I have a tendency to collect mascaras of all brands to create the perfect length, volume, and thickness and have gladly sported fake lashes for special occasions.

My wedding falsies, for example, had me more doe-eyed than Bambi. Unfortunately, I'm a hopeless case when it comes to applying those myself, and truthfully, mascara and contact lenses are total frenemies.

I've always been super curious about lash extensions and was pretty stoked when my pal Sommer Dunsmuir of Flirt Custom Lash asked me to play "model" while she applied them for a crowd during a demo at L.A. Fitness earlier this week. 
Before Lash Extensions
Prior to the application, Sommer took a good look at my eyes asked me about my expectations including how I thought my lashes would look when applied and lifestyle such as whether or not I wear a lot of make-up. With that info she created a custom look for me. I was so impressed by that part of the session since I kind of thought everybody got lashed the same. 

Everybody's falsies are the same, right? It turns out a certified professional is taught to assess the size and shape of your eye and add length based on your physical features and preferences.

I learned that there are a lot of things that Sommer does differently because she has been certified by Xtreme Lashes including lashing only adult lashes so you don't damage new lashes, using hypo allergenic, medical grade adhesive to eliminate reactions and speaking truthfully about the difference between silk and mink extensions.

The latter are often a rip-off. I completely value my eye sight and bank account and so should you! Please make sure you do your homework if you're considering an application.

After Lash Extensions
I listened to Sommer educate her audience, and feeling confident I was in the hands of a pro, spent the next hour trying so hard not to doze off. It really is quite relaxing. After the big reveal I was dancing!

My new lashes look totally natural but are still noticeable and 24 hours later I can shower and work-out without any worries. If I want to maintain my lashes I'll visit her in 2 - 3 weeks where she'll lash the "teenage" lashes that will by then become adults and if not, the current extensions will all shed as my natural lashes do in about 5 weeks. 

Starting at $75 for a half set and $50 to re-lash, lash extensions are a bit of an investment. That being said, I'm having so much fun waking up every morning to my wider eyed look that I can see how so many women easily become addicted -- besides, how much is your favourite department store mascara?

If you're still looking for an excuse to make pretty a priority, extensions are super convenient for vacation and are such a natural look for special occasions -- hello brides!  

Flirt Custom Lash Studio has locations in Burlington, Brampton and just recently added a Toronto location at Queen & John. Check Flirt out and tell them I sent ya ;) 

-- Tamika Auwai is a fashion junkie, splurge-a-holic, and founder of Shop Socials

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