Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Win Tickets to the Wedding Co. Show 2012

He popped the question or maybe you did... now let the wedding planning fun begin! 
We'd love to send you to The Wedding Co. Show next weekend so tell us about the proposal in our comments section below and you could win a pair of tickets! 
(Contest closes Sunday, January 8 at 11:59pm)

Date: January 13 - 15 
Location: The Carlu, 444 Yonge Street 
Tickets: $20 each
The Wedding Co. Show features a collection of 125 hand-selected and trusted wedding professionals, all at one illustrious, easily accessible location for 3 full days. Vendors will include the Four Seasons Hotel, Cake Opera Co., White Toronto and, new this year, Mimosa Flower Studio, Tell Me A Love Story and Au Lit Fine Linen. 
While browsing past the gorgeous gowns, scrumptious dessert options and a myriad of decor ideas, guests will have a chance to ask etiquette questions at the first-ever The Wedding Co. Show’s Etiquette Booth, hosted by expert Stephanie Wright. Wright will guide guests through modern-day etiquette questions to help make any bride’s day more enjoyable and calm. 
Guests will also be invited to have their names beautifully handwritten on personalized envelopes by calligrapher Rajiv Surendra.


  1. I'd love to go! :)

    I got engaged in November while we were vacationing in Mexico. When we arrived at our final resort, he secretly sneaked out to arrange a special private dinner on the beach on the following night. It was pretty special and although I wasn't 100% sure he was going to do it, it did cross my mind that maybe, this is the time.

    Before dessert came, he started his speech while he was reaching into his bag and at that point I had started crying, knowing what exactly was happening. I don't really remember what he said except for the big question. But it was a perfect moment: the cool beach breeze, the sound of the water, the sand on my feet and my best friend. :)

  2. One more thing... don't forget to include your Email or Twitter so we can contact you if you win. Thanks and good luck!

  3. We got engaged in November when I was least expecting it...on his birthday! I had been asking my fiancee what he wanted for his birthday and he kept saying all he wanted was me (of course, I bought him something anyway). Little did I know that he truly meant it...

    I made reservations at one of our favorite restaurants (Trevor Kitchen) and after enjoying an incredible meal, he produced a small box, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Given that we were out to celebrate his birthday, I wasn't expecting a thing and was completely shocked! I guess he got his birthday wish after all :)


  4. I've been waiting for this show and I'd love to go!

    We got engaged in October. After talking about getting an iPad for a while, he designed and produced an iPad box based on actual specs and using the actual fonts. His picture was on one side with the question: "Stephanie, will you iWed me?"In place of the iconic Apple logo on the side, was a solid heart. It was supposed to be presented to me at the Apple store while we were there shopping for iPads by one of the store associates. We're getting married this June!

    email: sstingaling@gmail.com

  5. Back to leave my twitter handle: @TheGlitterGeek :)

  6. We got engaged this New Years.
    I had NO idea he was going to propose. We got dressed up and went to the Spoke Club with a few friends. While there, I ate the beef tartare not realizing it was raw meat. That resulted in instant barfing which was not that glamorous. So a few minutes before the count down started, he asked if I was feeling better (totally making sure I wasn't still all sick) and we got together with the friends and prepared for the countdown.
    At midnight, I went in for my midnight kiss and he was just standing there with the ring in one hand & the cutest little smile. It took me a moment to understand and after that it was just lots of crying and calling my mum, his mum and both our siblings.
    Now I start planning the half-Indian, half not Indian wedding.

  7. Really excited about this show - would love tickets!

    We got engaged in November. His sister's wedding was the day before my birthday, and he had taken off the day before the wedding help her out. The wedding was out-of-town, but he drove back to our place on his day off to decorate it with balloons, streamers and flowers. When we got home on my birthday, I walked into a birthday wonderland! Little did I know that this was only the decoy! We had planned to have dinner with a couple of my closest friends that night, and they came by to pick us up. Then he told us that we were going to make a stop beforehand to pick up a special guest, and that I should make sure to bring my camera that he had just gotten me for my birthday. We pulled up to a bookstore, where he said we were meeting the special guest. We went inside. There's a grand piano in the store, and we went to wait there. Then he said, "Do you remember that this is where we first met?" I said yes, and asked where the special guest was. Then he told me that I was going to want to take a picture of this, so I should pull out my camera. I did, and the ring box was inside! I was shocked and my brain wasn't really catching up with what was happening, but then he got down on one knee and asked. I think it took me a long time to answer because I was so shocked, but I finally said yes. It was an amazing moment and I didn't recover from the shock for days!

    email: tiff.ing@gmail.com

  8. This show looks great and unique, i woudl love to go.

    We got engaged in April, while on a long weekend trip to Chicago. We had been planning the trip for a while and looking forward to spending time together discovering the city. After dinner one night I suggested we go for a walk to Millenium park to help walk off the food. After looking at all the neat sculptures we walked over a bridge. My fiance called me back to look back at the City together. I had said how something freaked me out, his response was 'I have something that will really freak you it' he got down on one knee and pulled the ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him. I couldn't believe it at 1st but of course said yes. I later found out he had the ring in his pocket all day just waiting for the right moment. Now looking back at the photos he pointed out how he always had one hand in his jacket pocket to check for the ring, even if his other hand was in his jean pocket. It was a great day and it was nice to enjoy the remaining time in Chicago as an engaged couple.


  9. (email above should be katherine_203@hotmail.com )

  10. Our engagement story is really sweet and it goes to show that as much as you plan and want things to be perfect, you can never plan for the unexpected twists life bring you. I love my fiance so much for trying to surprise me and give me a proposal to remember. I say "trying to surprise" because the proposal almost got ruined by my very own mother. I love her, don't get me wrong, but she doesn't always get the intricacies of things, plus there's a bit of a language barrier so that doesn't help. So we got engaged on the Sunday of the Victoria Day long weekend last May, and we are getting married Labour Day weekend this year. The night he proposed we had gone to my parents house for dinner, which I found out later that he had also asked my parents for their blessing for my hand in marriage while I wasn't looking, which I thought was traditionally gallant and sweet. He also tried to make them understand that he hadn't asked me yet and that it was a surprise. On our exit, while my mother is showing us out, she happens to mention to me that he wants to marry me (in our language). I turn to my fiance and say "What?!?", where I suspect he realizes what is happening. My mom goes to him "tell her! tell her!" and my fiance all red-faced and embarrassed says "I'll tell her later...." I realize that the cat is out of the bag now so I try to not ask any questions about it to him making it worse. On our way back to his place I can tell he is dejected and disappointed that the surprise is now a bust. I felt so bad for him because I knew he must have geared up so much courage to ask my parents and planned this out to be the way he wanted. I try to console him, but the damage was done. While we're walking the fireworks were starting up for Victoria Day celebrations and he asked if I wanted to sit outside in the courtyard for a bit to watch the fireworks. I thought that was romantic, so he went inside to get his jacket for me and I sat outside on the bench looking at the stars being lit up by the fireworks. He came back with his jacket and put it around my shoulders, and then he got down on both his knees and took out the ring box and told me how much he loved me and wanted to be with me for the remainder of our lives. He opened to box and there was the ring. I have to say even though I wasn't totally surprised as much as I would have been if my mother wasn't overly excited for me an hour earlier, I was still surprised that it was actually happening to me. I broke out in tears and mumbled a yes to him, and for the rest of the night we walked around the neighbourhood with me in a daze of bliss and amazement that I was now engaged. I couldn't stop looking at my ring and thinking of the future to come. I found out later that he was supposed to surprise me on my birthday two days later with a home cooked meal the ring as my birthday gift, but I'm actually glad it happened this way because it happened organically from what could have been a disappointment. I asked him why he did it when he did, and he said, "well, I could have let it get to me and made me feel bad the entire, but I didn't want to ruin the moment just because the moment wasn't exactly as I planned it to be." So he turned the disappointment into happiness for the both of us. Now you know why I said yes. :)


  11. Oh! Great show!

    Dave and I met on Twitter, and after a few years of living together and dating, he decided to pop the question in the geekiest way possible: he hacked my website and put the proposal there.

    I was walking in the door to our home when I received a call from my girlfriend saying my site had been hacked. I didn't know at the time she was in on it. I went to the site to discover it was a meme wonderland (my favourite). Naturally, I freaked out, full of anxiety. I had no idea he was the one behind it.

    He told me to click the button, but I was terrified... so he clicked it for me. I was redirected to a page full of pictures of us, and my engagement ring raining down the page. at the top corner was a picture of our puppy and the words: I can haz hand in marriage?

    When I looked over at him in shock, he was down on a knee and the rest is history :)

    check it out: http:melissasmich.com

    ..ohh and my twitter is @smichm, email: subtlenuancesmedia-at-gmail-dotcom

  12. my fiance and I have been together 8 years (yes we're highschool sweethearts =)). We had been going out on weekend day trips all summer, the beach, on hikes, etc. well this particular weekend we went to my favourite potato farm which has the best poutine outside of the city. After we went apple picking at this orchard that we love. It was sunny, the skies were blue and the apples were tasty! after taking a few pictures and taking a tractor ride he kept on going deeper into the back of the orchard and he asked me to take a picture of him. After taking the picture and putting the camera away i turned around to him kneeling on one knee holding a little blue box. i don't remember what was said but after saying yes we laughed and cried by ourselves in the back of the orchard. He then asked me if I still wanted to see my brother since that was the plan that we had made the night before, my answer was yes, and when we got there my entire family and his were all there with yummy food and cake. He had planned out the entire thing and I didnt have a clue. Hope we can go to the show =D

  13. This contest is now closed. Thanks everyone for the romantic proposal stories (some of you got me all teary-eyed). The winner is Stephanie I. from Toronto with her cute iWed Me geeky proposal. Congrats on your engagement and enjoy the show, Steph!