Monday, January 2, 2012

Yoga In A Gorgeous Loft @ The Yoga Lounge

I once got crammed into a Sunday morning yoga class in a room the size of a closet with 25 other people. After almost doing a sun salutation into somebody's feet and having my neighbour splash sweat on me, I decided that this was likely the most unrelaxing way to spend your weekend. Maybe there was a group buy that week or Sundays are just a popular day to yoga. But the space was hot, claustrophobic, we were all facing a different direction and the instructor kept the door closed which made it feel even more suffocating.
Lucky for me, I came across the gorgeous loft space that is The Yoga Lounge and have never been back to that other studio since. The sunny open room is one of two studios on the third floor, above the Golden Thai Restaurant at the corner of Church and Richmond. Classes rarely feel cramped and the studio is incredibly zen and relaxing. The Yoga Lounge recently added Warm Yoga (29.5 C) which is a great way to detoxify and a nice refuge from the stormy weather outside.

Yoga mats are available to borrow if you don't have one or if you forget. There is a shower in the women's change room if you plan on heading back to work after a warm yoga class. Owner Susan Emery keeps lots of plants spread throughout the studio as a source of fresh oxygen for all that heavy breathing that you'll be doing.
My goal is to attend a yoga or pilates twice a week as part of my New Year's resolution to live a more active lifestyle. I will definitely be adding the Yogalates Class (a mix of the two) that Carlyn teaches at The Yoga Lounge into my rotation. I feel a million times better just taking an hour and a half to myself to just stop, breathe and stretch. I'm always asking myself why don't do I this more often!?! There's no deadline more important than taking care of myself. I'm usually one of those people that sign up for a gym membership at the start of January and go MIA by the middle March. This year, I'm forgoing the gym membership altogether and will use the cash for yoga classes and free weights instead. Classes are $18/each with discount packages available.
What are you doing to keep fit? Tell us in our comments section - help a hip + urban girl out.

The Yoga Lounge, Toronto
103 Church Street, 3rd Floor (416) 864-1973
Photo Credits: The Yoga Lounge

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