Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Cupcake That Started It All - Magnolia Bakery

An international cupcake craze was unleashed when Carrie and Miranda sunk their teeth into a luscious Magnolia Bakery cupcake on an episode of Sex & the City. Cupcake stores popped up everywhere in New York City and soon all over the world as the cupcake made a comeback from school yard bake sales and into the mainstream dessert scene. You can even buy cupcakes now from the same street vendor cooking up your hot dog in SoHo.

Photo Credit - 360 degrees weblog
If you're in New York City, head back to the bakery that started it all. The original Magnolia Bakery is on Bleeker street, but there five locations in total in NYC. The most convenient I found is the one in Rockefeller Center (above). Classic flavours (chocolate + vanilla) are $3 each, specialty flavours are $3.50. Be prepared to stand in line with other Sex & the City fans and to take your cupcake to go, as the shop gets incredibly crowded inside.

Magnolia Bakery
401 Bleeker Street with more locations throughout Manhattan

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  1. Magnolia's Red Velvet cupcakes are amazing! They are my favourite.