Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hello From New York City + Skating In Central Park!

I will be exploring all the good eats, shopping and fun things to do in New York City for the next month as we go #hugNYC. Follow along on twitter @hipurbangirl and on the blog as we'll be updating with lots of good NYC tips for your next trip. Spent the afternoon skating at Wollman Rink inside Central Park today (above). It's President's Day here, which is like a stat holiday - except every store and restaurant in the city is open. The rink was packed with people.
Skating in NYC is pricey, but so obviously worth it. Paid the weekend/holiday rate of $16 for admission + $6 to rent my skates (left mine in Toronto because they wouldn't fit in my suitcase) = $22 total. I do miss the free skating rinks in Toronto. Imagine the uproar if we charged $16 for a public skate???

I always have such fond memories of every visit that I've made to New York. I've been visiting since I was 16 and have this nostalgia for certain places in NYC, having come here during very different stages of my life. I've always felt like such a kid here that it's strange to experience the city as an adult.
Explored Central Park a bit more, as I never seem to squeeze it in on my rampage weekend trips into this city. This time around I'll be spending a month here and hope to not have to explore like a crazed tourist. Skating in Central Park is a fun thing to do when visiting in the winter. If you're a big jogger or cyclist, pack your workout gear for all the dedicated trails inside Central Park. It's an easy way to stay active while being a tourist.
Climbed a rock, walked a billion steps in this city to make up for all the non-stop eating we've been doing. I wish I had my pedometer on me, because it would explode here. 

What are your favourite things to see, do and eat in New York City? Suggestions please!


  1. Hey Lisa,

    There are these free (PWYC) tours of central park that are really amazing: I always go on one when I visit NYC. http://www.centralparknyc.org/visit/tours/guided-tours/

    Also, don't miss the Brooklyn Museum and botanical gardens - second fav thing to see/do.


    Have fun (and it was nice to bump into you the other day!)

    Wendy J.

  2. Looking forward to seeing how NYC treats you. If you have time swoop in on the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival. It's coming up on March 3-4, details are here: http://nycvegfoodfest.com/

  3. Thanks Wendy J. + Geoff for the ideas! There's a great vegetarian food chain here called Maoz that I'm going to check out soon too.

  4. Looks like you are having a great time. I have only been to NYC once so i purely did all the touristy stuff. I always enjoy taking a double decker, hop on/hop off bus to explore a city I have never been too.

    In my opinion, I would say go to INGLOT in Times Square, I love their makeup! And then go to Baked by Melissa (also in Times Square) for their delicious little bitty cupcakes.

    And I think I mentioned it to you before, check out Koi restaurant at Bryant Park.