Friday, February 3, 2012

Hip + Urban Mom: You Can Have A Social Life

Being a parent means a lot of late nights, but not in that too-many-tequila-shots-was-dancing-so-hard-my-feet-kill kind of way. Nooooo - it's the polar opposite.

Don’t worry, you still CAN have a social life if you have a baby. My secret to keeping social is to plan lots of small gatherings.

It means being able to spend quality time with small groups of friends and being able to see a variety of people from different parts of your life. Whether it's your work friends, high school besties or family members - it's nice to have a get together to look forward to.

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Having a couple of friends over while your baby is at home with you is an easy way to have some adult social time. These events can involve dinner and movies at home or a special theme night - whatever floats your boat. Too tired to cook? Order in from your favourite restaurant and eat off paper plates to keep things easy. You can make a big deal of entertaining or you can keep it casual so that everyone can feel comfortable.
Having small group gatherings allows you to keep in touch with important people in your life, when you don't have the time to plan larger events. It was an adjustment learning how to be social with family and friends and vice-versa. If it's tough to even get out of the house, an easy night-in with friends could just be the social event you need.

It's also an excuse to get a babysitter for a few hours as well. Dinner, a movie, coffee date or going out for a few drinks are all shorter, more intimate gatherings that you can plan. Just take the time to plan them. 

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