Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Recipe Makeovers: Swap This For That!

Shop the perimeter and cook from scratch is a tried and true health tip. But recipes made at home can also be high in fat and sugar if you don’t watch out (ahem French cooking?!). Try some of these recipe makeover ideas to keep things healthy at home.

How to Cut the Fat:

= cut the butter, margarine or oil by 1/3 (most recipes can handle less fat and still taste

= swap up to all or ½ of the amount of fat for unsweetened applesauce or other mashed fruit
like bananas or pureed vegetables like pumpkin or grated zucchini *Note: baked goods may get staler quicker with less fat so freeze half the batch to eat
fresh later.

= use parchment paper and muffin liners instead of greasing pans

= use spray vegetable oils for greasing dishes or in cooking to use less

= use milk instead of cream in soups and baking

= use pureed veggies like carrots or soft tofu to thicken soups

= sub 0% Greek Yogurt for sour cream on top of bakes potatoes or in tacos

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How to Cut the Sugar:

= cut amount of sugar in any recipe by ¼ - 1/3 (most recipes can take this cut, except some cakes, so experimenting may be needed!)

= substitute 1:1 Splenda for sugar like in this Easy Cranberry Sauce recipe

= use cinnamon, vanilla or dried fruit to sweeten recipes

How to Boost the Fibre:

= most recipes can handle switching at least half the white flour for whole wheat

= add ¼ cup flaxseed to most recipes that use flour

= use the ends of whole grain bread to make high fibre bread crumbs

= swap your high calorie, low fibre morning muffin for this high fibre and tasty one

= keep the peel on fruit and veggies like apples and potatoes like when making your own
homemade applesauce. Try this recipe here.

= add grated veg like zucchini or carrot to baked goods

= add beans to any dish (soup, casseroles, tacos, salads, chilli, stirfry, rice...endless)

Happy Swapping!

PS - Have a recipe you love but wondering about the amount of calories, carbs, fat or other things in it? We love this recipe analyzer online: you simply type in (or copy and paste) recipe ingredients and amounts, provide the servings that the recipe makes and you get a neat little nutritional label with everything on it right back at ya. No more guessing if that homemade granola is as healthy for you as you thought! 

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