Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spring Cleaning Fashion Swap Event

A night of networking, fashion and fun!

Date: Monday, February 27
Time: 6-9pm
Venue: Rent Frock Repeat Showroom @ 35 Golden Avenue, Unit #102

Cost: $5, with proceeds donated to Nellie's Women's Shelter.

Check out RFR's new 2012 spring collection and we'll also have complimentary treats, beverages, style consultations and a $150 door prize from La Roche-Posay!

Cheers to our Product Sponsor, Fruli!

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Clothing Swap Rules:

  1. Bring along minimum of 5 items, maximum of 10. Accessories are welcome but no shoes, please!
  2. Clothing should be in good condition - nothing badly worn, torn or stained.
  3. Bring your clothes on hangers if possible - once you arrive, arrange your items by category. We'll have tables, racks and fitting rooms available.
  4. Swap! Go home with the number of items you came with.
  5. All remaining items will be donated to charity.

Purchase a $5 ticket (donation) HERE to guarantee your spot! Limited spaces available.


  1. Could I bring a friend and give him 5-10 women items, but he would look around for things to pick for me also?

    I would pay for him.
    I know that is a little weird, so I figured I would ask.

  2. Hi there, sorry but this is a women's only networking event. :)

  3. Hi there, is this a drop in style event? My friend and I wouldn't be able to make it until 7ish. Also, will it be possible to buy tickets at the door?

  4. I think the swap part will likely start @ 7:30 PM sharp. We can do tickets at the door if you're unsure. I wouldn't show up later then that.

  5. Are there all sizes usually represented? I am a 16 or 18. Or is it more smaller sizes that do this.

  6. That's a really good question. I'm really unsure of the sizing for our guests who will be attending, but I know plus size and petite sizes can be harder to come by.

    What I suggest - come anyway! It will be a great night of networking, an excuse to get rid of your clothes and people will also be bringing accessories too.

  7. For a solid cause, great testing beer and as always, HUG events are amazing networking too!

  8. Had a really great time today at the swap event. Walked away with some great things, ate and drank some delicious things and love looking at those designer dresses available for rent.

    Thanks HUG - can't wait for the next event.