Friday, February 24, 2012

Think You're Sick Again? Check My Health Reference

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My parents once dreamed that I would grow up and become a doctor. Like the fancy, smart kind. I’m pretty sure that ‘blogger’ and professional ‘internet-er’ was not high on their priority list of future careers for their first-born daughter.

Well lucky for me, the peeps at TELUS Health have launched a Canadian-based website for all my health questions called My Health Reference. So instead of lying on the couch in a pool of tissues trying to guess what is wrong with me, I can hit up the interactive Check Your Symptoms tool before booking it to the doctor. 
88% of Canadians actually do what I do, check the internet to make sure we haven’t been infected with some sort of serious contagion. My Health Reference is a credible one-stop shop for your health questions and concerns. They know you’re a busy city girl and that being sick sucks.

Love to travel as much as we do? The comprehensive travel section covers topics like travel clinics, immunizations and battling jet lag before your next big adventure.

More Handy Health Tools!

*Health A to Z – A quick and easy reference guide
*Health Solutions – Mobile apps like pedometers and an app to help you quit smoking
*Expert Advice - Three featured experts answering your questions about medication and nutrition
*Resources Near You - Find support groups and services in specific areas within Canada

See It All For Yourself - Visit My Health Reference online and check out their Facebook page for awesome info on health, travel, wellness and more! 

What’s the first thing you do when you get sick? Any cures or tricks you use to get rid of a cold?

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