Thursday, February 16, 2012

Urban Eats @ Yogurty's Frozen Yogurt - Toronto

I have a serious love-in for frozen yogurt. It all started with a Pinkberry addiction whenever I went to the US, now the same concept has taken off in Canada. Fro yo outlets are popping up all over including Yogurty's. So when Toronto blogger, Raymi the Minx invited me out for a sugar coma-induced catch-up was on.
A ridiculous amount of flavours to choose from. You can go for a single flavour, mix multiple ones or do a twist of two. The Red Velvet is pretty decent too in my books.
Now this is where things get a little crazy...the topping bar. On my always list, cheesecake bites, lychee boba bubbles (that burst when you eat them), lots of fruit, shredded coconut and gummi bears. I'm not much of an ice cream person but I have a serious sweet tooth. Fro yo is a lot healthier and I love to pile on the fruit.

It doesn't matter what other flavours there are - I always go for the classic tart, it has a sour pucker to pair with the sweet. If you're looking for a deal, Yogurty's does a Happy Hour - 1/2 price from 11-5 pm Monday to Friday. Your cup is priced by weight and the fro yo itself is pretty light. It's the toppings that'll do you in.
We pick out a few adorable mini buttons
Fro yo is on Raymi and her sweet gift card
Our final creations (mine on the right) were half-price since it was a 3 pm yogurt break.
I picked up an extra take-out container of fro yo for hubby and it held up pretty well. They have lids if you want to grab and go for the office or at home on the couch. The yogurt itself is creamy, smooth and made with 100% Canadian milk. I would definitely go again, especially when they open more locations downtown.
Catch-up time with Ms. Raymi - we met in San Diego and partied hard at the BlogHer conference together. She's a blogging machine.
Yogurty's is owned by Yogen Fruz with locations in Canada and internationally in Mexico Costa Rica and the United Arab Emirates. They are opening new locations like wildfire and we visited the one at 660 Eglinton Avenue East (at Bayview). Yogurty's will be opening a location in Liberty Village soon. For more information visit: 


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  2. I tried Yogurtys but found that the flavours tasted like they were made from powder. They had a chalky texture and somewhat of an aftertaste. I wont be going back there again.