Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Love Letters from HUG

Dear Grandma,

One of the hardest things I had to face this past year was the loss of my Grandmother. There were so many things I loved about her, that I wanted to dedicate my Valentine's Day love letter to her. We were incredibly close as she had lived with my parents, sister and I since our birth. One of her favourite places to go for lunch was Mandarin Buffet. I loved how she would take an hour to eat just one plate, while I sat patiently and ended up eating five more. I love how her first question is always, 'Have you eaten?' Followed by, 'Why are you not eating?' - in typical Chinese Grandmother fashion, of course. As I think about whether I want to have kids, I am in awe with the fact that she gave birth to 13 children and raised them all to be healthy and well-adjusted people. She gave us a huge family and I got to grow up with a slew of aunts, uncles and cousins around me. She was incredibly generous and giving and I know how lucky me and my sister were to have Grandma in our lives until the age of 94. Happy Valentine's Day Grandma - we love you and miss you lots.

Love, Lisa N.

Dear Geoff,

In the last few years, our life has been a whirlwind of changes, new homes, travel adventures, work sacrifices, pings and beeps from clients that go off all hours and endless pixels placed. I wish I can slow it down to savour each moment with you. We've come so far Honey and I love you for so many things - your bottomless pit of patience, your kind heart, the way you plan for our future and how you bring sunshine to my cloudy days. Above all else, I love you simply because you are still the only person that can keep up with all my crazy antics, larger than life dreams, you challenge me to become a better person and know me inside out. Thank you x a trillion. Happy Valentine's to my Best Friend and Husband. Oh and can I please get a dog?!

Love, Wendy K.

My darling daughter,

Three years ago the meaning of love blossomed for me and your father with your arrival on Valentine's Day. Even with the sleepless nights and constant new mom anxiety there was such excitement surrounding every little thing you did and such unconditional love pushing us to be the best parents for you no matter how stressful things got. Today, you are my source of joy and inspiration. Your sweet sensitivity, your desire to make people smile and your affectionate nature may be things you've learned from our love, but so many times they're delivered in such a precocious way that I'm certain they're traits you've brought to this world on your own. I can't wait to meet the woman you'll become and in the meantime I continue to love you more every day. Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's Day!

xo, Your Mama Tamika

Dear Sera and Krista,

I’m so thankful that we have each other. It’s been ten years since the three of us met in university, and where did the time go? I treasure the memories of sharing coffee between classes, running around on campus, and all-night study sessions in my dorm. I still don’t know how three of us slept in that tiny bed! And now, we’re grown-up women – with husbands, babies, careers, and credit cards. Somehow, our friendship has survived, and for this, I am forever grateful. You’ve provided me with unconditional love and support throughout the years, and stood by me in tough times. It feels like no time has passed whenever we get together, even when we haven’t seen each other in months. Thank you for this gift. I love you both with all my heart.

Love, Lisa J 

Dear Family,

I love my little family. Just me and my boys. The kisses I get from them both, really do make my day. My husband and I make a really great team, working together to get everything done. I love that he does the dishes, after I make dinner. I love that he emails me every day from work. I love that he keeps me warm because I'm cold all the time. My son is very silly, at just over one and half years old. I love when he crawls on my lap to read him books. I love when he wants to snuggle in tight. I love that great smile of his, just like his dad's. I love my little family. Just me and my boys, because they show me all the time how much they love me too.

Love, Lisa W

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