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Wedding Advice From Toronto's Top Professionals

Got engaged over the holidays? Still planning your wedding?

They go to a a wedding every weekend. They've seen hundreds of couples tie the knot. They've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. So we asked a few of our favourite Toronto Wedding Professionals for their advice on planning the perfect day.

The Wedding Planner - Melissa Samborski of One Fine Day Events suggests that you
get a good night sleep the day before the really does make a difference and drink lots of water! When planning the day of your wedding, try and build in some time just for the two of you. The day goes by super fast, so having a few minutes to reflect and be together is time well spent.

The Florist - Nicole North of Petals, Stems and Leaves notes, "Let the Designer know your likes, dislikes, vision and expectations, but listen to what they have to say.  We want to make sure that your wedding is spectacular, so put your trust in your vendors and remember why you hired such amazing professionals!".
The Wedding Photographer - Jessica Blaine Smith of Jessica Blaine Smith Photography - shares her photography advice,"My experience is that the majority of people dislike being photographed (myself included!). People worry about how they are going to look in the images. This worry definitely translates in the images. My advice is on the day of the wedding to just relax and be yourself. Over-thinking things will reflect in the images. Trust that your photographer will do a good job and just be your awesome self. The images will be a million times better in the end."
The Wedding DJ - Michael Coombs of Michael Coombs Entertainment suggests that you meet the DJ before you sign the contract. Your wedding is probably the biggest party you're ever going to throw and considering that a DJ is responsible for typically over 50% of the success of your reception, do you really want to leave the selection of your DJ to someone else? 

The Cake Maker - Lisa Bugeja of Flour Confections thinks you should design the wedding cake which YOU want! Your wedding is a reflection of your tastes as a couple. It's fine to look at magazines and websites for inspiration, but your wedding and your wedding cake should reflect your own tastes and be personal to you both. Cakes designed in magazines are just that - designed FOR the magazine. The flavour should be what YOU like and don't try to satisfy the tastes of your guests. You will never be able to please the entire crowd, so choose what you like and what would be suitable to your wedding (ie: fall wedding maybe something with spice or rich flavours).

The Stationery Designer - Laura K Beauparlant of Laura K Design says, "One of the first questions I ask couples when I meet them is where are they getting married? To me the choice of venue often dictates the style of the invitations and stationery, so choosing the right venue is key to having a wedding that fits your personal styles and personalities. If you want a fun, outdoor wedding in your parents backyard then the invitations could have a light, whimsical feeling, and if your wedding is at The Eglinton Grand, an art deco font and design would be perfect!"

The Florist - Natasha Manji of Berries and Blooms suggests that you ask your florist for seasonal or locally grown flowers, not only will they cost less, but look fresher and are better for the environment. Plus you’ll be supporting local growers. Research cost effective ways making your centerpieces cheaper, by either providing your own vases, ribbon, etc, or basing them on a rental so you’re not having to pay for the vases. You can rent much nicer vases that you might not want to invest into buying and have a nicer overall look without the price tag. 
The Destination Wedding Photographer - Joee Wong of JW Photography suggests that you bring your own photographer to your destination wedding. If wedding photography is high on your priority list, hire a photographer that you have personally met, love and bring them to the celebration. Sure, the costs are much higher than hiring someone local (at your destination), but when the wedding is all said and done, you have that peace of mind that you are going to receive the type of imagery you have always wanted from your wedding. I have photographed too many couples who wanted re-shoots because they either (1) hated their images some stranger shot (2) they never received their images before they left (3) they didn't want to pay astronomical fees to buy additional files from the photographer.

The Wedding DJ - Danny Floh Back of DJ Floh Back Productions says, "If you want a dance party at your wedding, don't leave the dance floor." The formalities are over and now it’s time to party. Be sure to tell everyone in your speech that you got a wicked DJ and that you want people to dance all night long, and then show ‘em how it’s done. If people are swarming around you and you go outside, guess what happens to the dance floor?  When you go for “fresh air”, so will your guests. Plan to hover close to the music all night, and set your bar up as close to the dance floor as possible. Though traditional, an informal bouquet or garter toss can help rally the troops back to the dance floor if there is a lull, and provide some memorable photo ops.   
Photo Credit: Jessica Blaine Smith Photography

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Already married? What wedding advice would you share with our readers?

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