Monday, March 5, 2012

America's First Pizzeria - Lombardi's, NYC

If you're looking for a fun and classic spot for a New York slice, check out America's First Pizzeria in Little Italy - Lombardi's. The line-up is always out the door and the place is packed with couples, families and of course - tourists in this adorable pizza spot with red and white checked tablecloths and no-nonsense service. They've been making pizza since 1905 and if you don't mind the novelty of it all, you should have a great time.
Oooey-gooey pizza. I'm a two toppings kinda girl. I've learned that if you overpack a pizza with too many toppings the veggies sweat everywhere and the whole thing just falls apart from the weight. Simplicity is key for me when it comes to a delicious pizza pie. We ordered the classic Margherita pizza (mozzarella cheese, basil, tomato sauce) with pepperoni.

The crust was nice and blistered, but I usually like mine a little bit thinner. Sauce and meat were all delicious, I probably would have liked more cheese. Living across the street from Vinny Massimo's Pizza in Toronto has spoiled me. I really enjoyed the pizza at Lombardi's, but my all-time favourite is still Vinny's. We also ordered a small garden salad and it was overloaded with more dressing than I usually enjoy. I recommend just asking for dressing on the side.
Soda is $2, take it easy though - there are no refills. Bring cash, as they do not accept credit cards but there is an ATM on-site. Pizzas are made to order and they do not do slices.
Lombardi's Pizza is located at 32 Spring Street at Mott. Reservations are only available Monday to Thursday for parties of 8 or more only. 

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