Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Diesel Fit Your Attitude Spring/Summer 2012

I have a love-hate relationship with jeans. I love wearing them but I hate shopping for them.
So when Diesel called inviting me to a photo shoot, I put on my spontaneous attitude and was like oh ya, bring it on!

"Fit Your Attitude" is their new line of premium denim made for girls with attitudes! Clearly this is an easy and brilliant way to score that perfect pair of jeans. There are six different styles with unique washes that scream out "I am who I am". Go here to figure out if you are brave, sexy, bold or playful and you can bet there is a perfect fit for your attitude.

Soooo since I am daring, strong and free spirited, the perfect partner for a concert, club or party... I'm a Grupee! I love these low waist skinny jeans in the blue-black wash. They hugged my body perfectly and the angled back pockets gave my derriere that added boost of confidence.

Now which one are you?

"I am brave, real and positive, the perfect partner for every day, whatever you are doing..."

Getlegg: a slim-fit jean with skinny legs but wider at the knee and with a higher back that’s perfect for free time for everyday life.

"I am sensual, confident and feminine, the perfect partner for dressing up and a smart day at work..."

Bootzee: jeans perfect for dressing up or a hard day’s work, to feel sensual and sophisticated. A thin bootcut leg on a regular slim fit, with higher back pockets and a regular rise.

“I am chic, fashionable and sexy, the perfect partner for dressing to impress for a day or night out on the town...”

Highkee: the “night on the town” denim, inspired by the Fifties era, for a fashionable and chic look. Straight leg and slim fit with high waist and taller back pocket to guarantee a great look on the back.

"I am spontaneous, playful and independent, the perfect partner for browsing the vintage market on Sundays..."

Myguy: boyfriend jeans designed for spontaneous and playful women; the perfect denim for browsing a flea market on a Sunday morning. They feature a boyfriend-leg cut and a relaxed fit with a low crotch and slightly tapered leg.

"I am sexy, fashionable and chic, the perfect partner for dressing to impress for a day or night out on the town...”

Flairlegg: sexy, fashionable and chic, the perfect partner to dress to impress for a day out on the town. Regular fit and flare leg.

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  1. Looking like a model Miss Wendy! Work it ;)

  2. Thanks Tamika but we know you are the true Fashionista!