Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our Spring Reading List

Spring is in the air! Okay, so it’s been in the air a lot this winter. But that unmistakable buzz from those first few buds, longer days and the very beginnings of patio season (oh joy!) is definitely here. With the change in temperature comes a change in what’s on our reading list. Get some needed vitamin D and walk to the nearest coffee shop with one of these great Spring reads.

The Virgin Cure - By: Ami McKay

Go back in time to New York City in the late 1800’s with Moth, the precocious 12-year-old daughter of a fortune telling gypsy. Looking for a cure from an unknown virus, wealthy businessmen sought – and purchased – the company of girls as young as 14 in hopes of getting “The Virgin Cure.” In complete naiveté, these girls were impeccably groomed and taught the coquettish ways of attracting the highest bidder.

Balancing Acts - By: Zoe Fishman

Four thirty-something friends from college have lost touch over the years and are looking to reconnect in a private yoga class in Brooklyn. Looking for love, careers they actually like and the of meaning in life, this book is easy, fun and totally relatable. A few chapters into this will have you reaching for your mat or calling up your post-hibernating buds for a coffee.  

My Horizontal Life - By: Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler is the friend every single girl in her 20s either already has or wants. Her unabashed account of her many one-night-stands will have you doubled over laughing on the streetcar because it’s so funny.

Some Girls - By: Jillian Lauren  

Jillian Lauren finds herself with the most intriguing proposition: the opportunity to bank $20,000 and travel to Brunei, a country she’s never heard of before. Working as an escort in New York City, Jillian could use the cash and the adventure. But is this offer on the up-and-up or just a plain suicide mission? Jillian keeps you wondering the whole way through.      

---Laura Burling is a freelance writer based in Toronto. Follow her blog at

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